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Top 10 Reasons to Play Online Bingo

We all love an online bingo game or two but if you are a new player or an old hat looking to recruit some friends to the game then read our top reasons on why online bingo is the perfect game to play!

1. Comfort & Convenience – While some still play in traditional bingo halls, the online version allows you to play an exciting game of bingo from the comfort of your own home. Also, some players may not have the luxury of a real bingo hall in their home town or city.

2. The Social Environment – The online bingo community is bigger and more diverse than ever. Players enjoy the game because of the social element and there is nothing better than joining a game on a Friday night with your favourite bingo buddies!

3. Cost Effective – Due to the sheer range of sites now available bingo games are cheaper than ever when you play online. At Lucky Cow we offer free and penny games every single day with real cash prizes so there is no need to break the bank!

4. Big Bonuses – Online bingo perhaps more than any online casino game, offers the most bonuses. Players can benefit from a welcome package and loads of exclusive promotions. Additionally, there are jackpot games to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. Cross Platform Friendly – Mobile gaming is bigger than ever and online bingo players can now enjoy games from virtually every device available. Whether you are a phone or tablet user, online bingo can be accessed from a vast amount of mobile devices.

6. Loyalty Rewarded – An increasingly large number of bingo sites are now offering loyalty programmes for their customers. Loyalty is appreciated here at Lucky Cow and we always aim to reward those who play with us on a regular basis. The more you play, the more rewards you will receive.

7. Additional Games – Some players love to play it all and most sites now offer additional games to play while you wait between bingo games. Slots and classic casino games are common offerings and can be paid for pennies or pounds. It’s up to you.

8. Big Variations of Bingo – Players can choose from their favourite bingo version and do not have to stick to one type. 90 and 75 ball are common but there is also plenty of speed bingo games to enjoy such as the popular 30 ball version.

9. Easy to Play – Online bingo is fantastic because it is easy to play but still offers plenty of excitement. Games such as Poker require consistent concentration but bingo is more laid back and a good game to play to relax.

10. Refer a Friend – Playing with others is great fun and a lot of sites will offer bonuses for referring a friend and you may even receive some bonus funds for doing so!
If we’ve got you all fired up to play bingo then join in the fun in our online bingo lobby, we’ll see you there.


The Ultimate Bingo Chat Room Guide

The bingo chat room is an integral part to most bingo sites and one of the primary reasons that players regularly tune in to enjoy the game. Both traditional and online bingo have always contained a social element and players enjoy the game because they get to interact with others as well as play for big cash prizes. We have a thriving online community here at Lucky Cow so we thought we would go into a little detail as to how you can successfully enjoy the social element of online bingo.

Learning the Lingo

Over the years “text speak” has become more and more popular and this has transcended into the online bingo industry. Players have sort of invented their own language when it comes to talking about the game so here are some of the main abbreviations that you might encounter:

  • GL = Good Luck
  • WTG = Way to Go
  • BRB = Be Right Back
  • TY = Thank You
  • LOL = Laugh Out Loud
  • 1TG, 2Tg, 3TG = The amount of numbers you are waiting on to win.

The Chat Host

Quite simply, the chat host hosts the chatroom and this individual is mainly responsible for moderating the chat room to ensure everything is running smoothly and that every player is settled in and happy on that particular chat room. The host is there to help so don’t be shy to ask for it should you need it!

Top Chatroom Tips

The bingo chatroom is supposed to be a friendly environment where you can casually interact with others. As such, it is not advised to talk about sensitive subjects such as politics or religion. The bingo chatroom is a place where we want all our members to have fun so keep the chat topics light-hearted to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Mostly, common sense is the key and a lot of beginner bingo players seem to enjoy typing all in capital letters. Try to avoid this as it can be seen as disruptive by other members in the room so use other tools such as smillies to effectively engage with others.

Chat Games

Some of our chatrooms will play chat games from time to time and this is usually started by the chat host. The games can vary in content with some examples being a general quiz or number game. Sometimes participants will be rewarded with bonus cash or loyalty points so be sure to pay attention when you enter the chat lobby if you want to play some chat games. Chat games are one of our favourite parts of the online bingo community and they are a great way of getting to know your fellow roomies!

Click to learn some Chat Rules HERE

Online Bingo Tournament Guide

Tournament games are a source of excitement for many online gamers all over the world and while you may find that tournaments are more common in games such as Poker, there are online bingo tournaments to enjoy from time to time. These types of games are extremely popular as there is usually thousands of pounds on offer for players and the chance to win big! Tournament games come in many forms and guises so we thought we would investigate further.

Bingo Tournaments Explained

A tournament game can be found in many places on an online bingo site and perhaps the most common place to find these offers would be the promotions section of an online bingo website. Tournament games are often seasonal and will only last a couple weeks in a lot of cases so our first main bit of advice is to read the offer before you buy a ticket. In a lot of cases, the online bingo player will have to play several games in hierarchical order to progress through the tournament with the aim of progressing to the final jackpot game.

How to Participate

Usually, entering an online bingo tournament requires an entry ticket. You may find the link to these tickets in either the promotions tab of a site or the bingo lobby itself. The qualifying rounds have to be completed to progress to the latter stages of the tournament so you have to ensure that you have the time to play as online bingo tournaments will involve several rounds. Basically, each round will consist of a bingo game and winning that round will earn you a ticket into the next round.

Progressing Effectively

Some tournaments will be trickier to progress through than others so it is of paramount importance that you understand what conditions have to be met for you to receive your ticket for the next stage. Some games will offer next round tickets for simply forming one and two line wins and we have found that for many tournaments, a full house win will reward players with more tickets. You can then progress to the quarter and semi-finals by eliminating players at each stage.

Making it to the Final

Eventually, you might make it to the final game along with a small group of players and it is here that you will compete for the grand jackpot. This will be the final bingo game of the tournament and it is important to remember that these games will usually take place at a specific time so be sure to take a note of it should you progress to the final! Our final bit of advice is to simply pay attention to the tournament rules as they can vary from tournament to tournament. Good luck and we hope you win the jackpot!

Top tips to play  bingo like a pro! Click HERE!

Love or Loathe at Lucky Cow Bingo

Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s Day or not there is plenty to get excited about here on Lucky Cow Bingo so why not try out our latest seasonal promotion Love or Loathe. The promotion will be running exclusively for the month of February and we have some big cash prizes to give away! Love or Loathe is split into 4 weeks and you could win a share of £2000 if you are lucky.

This promotion involves slot games so if you are a bingo player then perhaps one of our other promotions may suit you better. Check our promotions tab for more details!

Getting Started

Love or Loathe is now live and both new and old players can get in on the action. If you are a new player then all you have to do is sign up on the site for an account and you can begin playing. Read our terms and conditions and you can also claim our exclusive welcome package. Existing players simply need to click on our promotions tab and then click on the Love or Loathe promotion. Easy!

When & Where?

This offer will run for the entirety of February and is split into 4 weeks:

Week 1: Wednesday 1st– Tuesday 7th February
Week 2: Wednesday 8th– Tuesday 14th February
Week 3: Wednesday 15th– Tuesday 21st February
Week 4: Wednesday 22nd– Tuesday 28th February

Entries after these dates will not be counted so get involved soon to avoid disappointment!

Slot Spinning Spectacular

As we mentioned this is a slot machine promotion and we have chosen two of our most popular games which are Cupid’s Arrow and Stampede. Players are split into two teams and Team Love is Cupid’s Arrow and Team Loathe is Stampede. You can choose a team based on the game that you want to play and the players that wager the most on either one of the games each week will win £50 in real cash!

Terms & Conditions

Winners will be announced and credited the Wednesday morning following the draw week and successful players will be contacted by email so it is really important that you make sure your contact details are up to date on the site. Head over to your account settings to make sure because if we are unable to contact you by email then you will lose out on your prize so double check just to be safe.

Additionally, our general terms and conditions are worth reading and of course there are the rules and wagering requirements of the two slot games themselves so check them out if you are wanting more info. We hope everyone has a great time playing Cupid’s Arrow and Stampede and of course, good luck!

What Could the Future of Online Bingo Hold?

We love learning about the latest advancements in the world of tech and this is something that will continue to change as the years go on. Online bingo is an industry where this tech can have a huge effect, so we’re looking forward to how this could affect us in the future.

More Mobile

We’re a fully-fledged mobile bingo site, with loads of optimised games for our users. All the best bingo sites made this switch not long ago and it means our players can get online wherever they are. The next step for this industry could be going even more mobile, perhaps with smartwatches or something similar.

We like to keep on the cutting edge of tech like this, so don’t be too surprised if you see it here first!

Faster Technology

We pride ourselves on how quickly our players can get online but with new advancements this time could be reduced even further. We use Jumpman Gaming tech and this is a team that’s always looking to find new ways to improve their technology. As these get more advanced, it will be easier and quicker for our players to get online.

We want to reduce the time it takes to be able to play our games, so you can fit more of them into your time. That way, you won’t need to be in a rush when you play.

Bigger Jackpots

We already have some brilliant jackpot games here at Lucky Cow Bingo and we’re sure that the rest of the bingo world will be catching on soon enough. Games here are already full to the brim with loads of funds, so if you play with us you’ll be getting a world class experience.

Our jackpot games are regular too, which can be much better than waiting on a special one to come up. That way, you know when you want to take part and which tickets you want to buy.

Innovative Bonuses

Gone are the days of sites simply offering a percentage boost on your deposit, as players want something more exciting. Take our spin the wheel bonus as an example, this is much more interesting than a percentage deposit as you get to play a game to determine how much you’ll win.

Then, you get to use your free spins or tickets to attempt to win more funds to play with. These can help you on your bingo journey to snap up some more cash. You can read all about our bonus policy with regards to these funds in our T&Cs section.

These are what we think will affect the bingo industry in the coming years and we can’t wait to make things even better for our lucky players!

Tips & Tricks to Play Like a Bingo Pro

The online bingo community is more active than ever and whether you are a newbie player or old hat sometimes reading tips from other players can help you pick up some new ways to play. We firmly believe in sharing your tips and tricks here at Lucky Cow Bingo. We came up with a few of our own on how to play online bingo like a pro so feel free to leave a comment on Facebook with some of your own!

Join the Community

We have a thriving community here at Lucky Cow with thousands of players all over the world. Players are not only able to join our chat rooms but we actively encourage you to join in with all our roomies! You can pick up hints and tips from some of our more experienced players and our fantastic chat hosts are always on hand to make sure everything is running smoothly so get involved!

Optimise Your Play Time

Some players will play at the same time every day but there is actually a lot of sense in tailoring your gameplay based on some of our in site events. A lot of our promotional offers and jackpot games play out at certain times so check out our bingo schedule to discover the best offers. Then you can base your gameplay around when these games are playing out.

Of course, this won’t suit everyone but for those players that are a little bit more flexible in when they can play the game then this can be an effective method to ensure that you are playing for the biggest jackpots.

Spread Your Bingo Sessions

Try not to blow all your bingo budget on just a couple of games. While you can win big, the main thing we try to promote on Lucky Cow is the ability for the player to have fun playing with others. Try and spend less on tickets but more on games. Your potential wins may be smaller but they will be more frequent. Little wins can really add up so bare this in mind.

Keep An Eye On Your Email

Not all of our bingo offers are exclusively available under the promotions section of our site. Occasionally, we may distribute exclusive offers by email so it’s really important that players ensure that their contact details are up to date on Lucky Cow Bingo. You may receive a promo or bonus code from time to time but we also give out information on when our latest promotions are being released or if our promotions are being updated or altered in any way at all so make sure you are checking your emails from us!