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Try Our Unique Video Bingo Games

A lot of our roomies have been playing on this site for a couple of years and still not managed to try out every game that we have available. For this week’s blog post, we thought we would explain how Video Bingo games work and you will be hard-pushed to find games like this on other bingo sites and networks. Our Video Bingo games feature a 75 ball setup and are a pretty exciting and innovative way to win some cash prizes.

What is Video Bingo?

Video Bingo is a unique offering Lucky Cow Bingo and the game offers the player the chance to pick from a number of cards which are then automatically daubed off. You can change the size of your bet per game and the biggest difference between Video Bingo and a standard game of online bingo is that you do not have to wait for a particular bingo room to become available. Instead, you simply tune in and play when you like!

Getting Started

Think of Video Bingo as a hybrid between classic online bingo and slot games. You can easily get the best of both whenever suits you – no more waiting around for your favourite bingo room to open! Getting started is easy and existing players simply have to log in as normal to begin. New players can sign up on the site with just a few clicks for a brand new Lucky Cow Bingo account and even take advantage of our fantastic welcome offer.

Once you have created an account getting started with Video Bingo is easy. However, players should note that we don’t always have the games available 24/7 but when they are live you can play whenever you like! If you’re lucky enough to win then your prizes will be credited to your account instantly.

75 Ball Format

Our Video Bingo games operate just as a 75 ball bingo game does. This means that prizes will not be shared and players can win it all if they are lucky! The Video Bingo game will take place on multiple 5X5 cards and there will be different patterns to complete. Numbers will be revealed pretty quickly due to the video format so playing a round of Video Bingo only takes a couple of minutes in a lot of cases.

Terms & Conditions

There are, of course, terms and conditions to be aware of and our Video Bingo games are subject to our general terms and conditions. We would advise reading these on the main section of our website as they detail all the conditions of the promotional offers on Lucky Cow Bingo. Overall, though, our Video Bingo games offer something a little different and they are excellent fun too!

Take a Bingo Break with the Fish & Chips Slot

You will be hard pushed to find a better bingo site on the web than Lucky Cow Bingo. We have one of the friendliest bingo communities around as well as plenty of exclusive rooms and jackpots for our roomies to enjoy. However, sometimes playing the same game over and over can get a tad tiresome which is why we offer a range of brilliant online slots for you to enjoy. Our Fish & Chips game is massively popular for a number of reasons.

An Underwater Adventure

The aim of the game is to form winning combinations and this can be done by spinning the reels. There are 25 paylines on this game and the Fish & Chips slot lets you gamble from just 25p. The maximum bet is £12.50 so there really is a good amount of variety in terms of the bets that you can place. There is a whopping 5000X jackpot available in Fish & chips so you might even win big if you’re lucky!

Spinning the Reels

The name of the slot is perhaps slightly misleading and players may expect to find themselves in some kind of chip shop but this is not the case. Fish & Chips is an aquatic underwater five reel slot and you will encounter many different forms of marine life. The graphics are pretty superb with 3D video animations.

The reels are packed with interesting symbols such as lobsters, starfish, eels, sharks, a treasure map and much more. There is a Blue Eel wild symbol which will pay out the 5000X jackpot if you can land it 5 times and also an octopus bonus symbol that triggers the main feature. The sound effects are excellent and really add to the atmosphere of the game as well.

Lucky Reef Bonus

While the base gameplay is solid and can net you some cash, there is also the bonus feature to consider as well. The Lucky Reef Bonus is triggered by landing three or more of the octopus bonus symbols and you will then be transported to another screen where there will be 6 oysters to crack open. Open them one by one to reveal your prizes which will then be added to your balance when the feature ends.

Should You Play?

We have plenty of great slots to spin on Lucky Cow Bingo but Fish & Chips is definitely one of our favourites. New players can enjoy this game too. All you have to do is sign up for an account absolutely free on Lucky Cow Bingo and we also have an exclusive welcome offer up for grabs as well. Deposit £10 and we will give you a spin on our Wheel of Slots with up to 500 free spins on offer. What’s not to love?

Weekend Jackpot Games at Lucky Cow Bingo

There is nothing better than unwinding at the weekend with a little online bingo right here on Lucky Cow! A huge amount of our roomies enjoy playing at the weekend as a way to relax but we also have a great range of jackpots to play for all weekend. Whether you are an existing player or are our totally new to our site, we have some of the best jackpots around so why exactly should you log in at the weekend?

All or Nothing Jackpot Game

Perhaps our most popular weekend game is our All or Nothing promotion and there is £50 in real cash up for grabs with tickets costing just 5p. This game is not to be missed and it takes place every Saturday from 8pm. To take part you simply have to login as you normally would and head over to our promotions section and click the All or Nothing promotion.

This game is a 75 ball bingo game so if you win the £50 jackpot then you will keep the entire sum. No sharing! There are terms and conditions to be aware of so be sure to read these on our site. Additionally, players can buy up to 96 tickets for the All or Nothing game so purchase as many as you like to give yourself the best possible chance of scooping the £50!

Other Jackpots

While All or Nothing is one of our favourite jackpot games to play at the weekend, there is so much more to look forward to on Lucky Cow Bingo on a Saturday or Sunday and players should check out the following game rooms at the weekend:

  • Cash Cabin
  • Daily Fifty
  • The Snug

Each of these rooms has different prizes to play for and some of our prize pools range into the hundreds at the weekend with the Daily Fifty room another excellent place to play for £50 cash. We also have some free bingo games throughout Saturday and Sunday so keep an eye on the lobby and you may able to grab yourself a bargain!

New to Lucky Cow?

If you just happen to have stumbled across this blog post or you are a new player looking around the site then feel free to sign up. We have one of the friendliest communities around as well as an exclusive welcome bonus for new roomies to enjoy.

Simply sign up for a free account and make a deposit of £10 and we will offer you a spin on our Wheel of Slots where there are up to 500 free spins up for grabs on some of our top slots. Then you can buy a ticket for some of our weekend jackpots and get stuck in. Good luck!

A Winning Online Bingo Strategy

At Lucky Cow Bingo, we believe that players should always balance having fun with winning money. While we hope that our roomies profit from our games, the key is to have fun while doing so and a well-thought bingo strategy can be the key to maintaining the perfect balance between having fun and winning big. As a result, we have come up with a few tips for this week’s blog to help you maximise your chances of leaving with some cash.

Understanding the Game

A lot of players makes the assumption that because there is an element of chance involved that there isn’t really any way of giving yourself the edge however this isn’t necessarily true. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to come up with a strategy and it really is just a case of understanding the game and all the options that are available to you as a player and some of the things that we would consider would be:

Timing Your Sessions

At Lucky Cow Bingo, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of games but just like with any other bingo site there are key times to play the game which could increase your chances of winning big. While playing with others is always a fun and social experience, playing at peak times could actually decrease your chances of winning due to the sheer volume of other players.

For a change, try playing some games at less busy times. With fewer players playing the game, you may find you have a higher chance of winning. Some of our early morning and late night games still have high jackpots but far fewer players playing them which could prove fortuitous for you the player!

How Many Cards?

Bingo is a game of numbers and the more cards you buy, the higher the chance you have to win! It may seem trivial but a lot of our newer bingo players don’t realise that you can buy multiple cards for a single game. You don’t have to break the bank but even buying one extra card could dramatically increase your chances of winning. Of course, remember to live within your means and only gamble what you can afford to lose and this leads us to our next point.

Don’t Over Do It!

A winning strategy also means knowing when to call it quits. Not getting carried away is crucial to a good bingo strategy and players who know when to walk away are responsible gamblers. We always promote responsible gambling so set aside a budget, stick to it and when you’re done, you’re done! It can be tempting to try and win back losses until you lose all over again!

With these tips in mind, head off to the bingo room and have a great time!

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It’s Time for a May Pay Day

April is now over and we hope our roomies had fun playing in our April Egg-Stravaganza promotion. May is now upon us which means a brand new seasonal promotion. Our exclusive May Pay Day is live now and there are some brilliant prizes to play for as always! We have some real cash jackpots to give away and this slot tournament is live now and will last for the entirety of May so there are plenty of chances to get involved.

When & Where?

This offer is running for May and May only so any entries after this point will not count and you will be ineligible for a prize. We have split the offer into the following 4 promotional weeks for your benefit:

  • Week 1: Monday 1st May – Sunday 7th May
  • Week 2: Monday 8th May – Sunday 14th May
  • Week 3: Monday 15th May – Sunday 21st May
  • Week 4: Monday 22nd May – Sunday 28th May

What is there to Win?

We have a share of £200 cash to play for and this will be divided into 10X £20 cash prizes on offer each week for four whole weeks! To qualify for the prize draw players have the choice of two slot machines to play and this month we have chosen Unicorn Bliss and Beez Kneez.

All you have to do is wager £10 on either slot to qualify for the prize draw for that week. The best bit is that you can collect multiple entries to increase your chances of winning, so you could drastically increase your likelihood of winning.

Which Slot to Play?

Both slots are great fun with Unicorn Bliss offering the player the chance to spin the reels and form winning combinations with some magical looking unicorns. This cartoonish 5 reel has plenty of free spins to play for and lots of wild combinations also. The magical theme is nice enough with plenty of smiling flowers and suns. It’s really silly and a bit over the top and we absolutely love it.

The second game is Beez Kneez and as you can perhaps tell from the title this game offers a humorous take on bumble bees. This is an Eyecon slot with 25 paylines and players can gamble from just 20p which is great with a maximum base game jackpot of 5000X your line bet so you really could win big if you’re lucky.

Terms & Conditions

You can find more about the exact T&Cs of this promotion on the promo page. We’d encourage you to take a look at these before you get playing.

Take a spin on these games and enjoy the chance to win those cash jackpots. We’ll be crossing our fingers for you, we hope you win big!