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Some Top Tips to Avoid a Bingo Disaster

Have you ever wondered what could go wrong when you play online bingo? It may seem like very little can go wrong but here at Lucky Cow Bingo, we have seen our fair share of bingo disasters over the years. There are a few things that could go wrong when you play the game so we thought we would list some top tips to help you play like a pro and avoid a bingo disaster so what exactly can go wrong and how do you avoid it from happening?

Buying Max Cards

Most players won’t buy the max cards for a game but some players do this as part of their bingo strategy. This can be risky due to price fluctuation. This doesn’t happen too often on Lucky Cow Bingo but can happen occasionally. We’ve seen players before who are rushing to buy cards for a game that is about to start.

Instead, the prices of the cards have changed from 10p to 50p and thus the player is out of pocket as they have not noticed the price change. To avoid this take extra care when purchasing cards and avert extreme caution when using the “Buy Now” button as prices can change occasionally.

Your Internet Connection

This is more of a common one among players and it can cause great frustration and even impromptu financial loss. Unfortunately, if your connection suffers during the game then you will lose out on the chance to win that jackpot.

If you’re device or internet connection is acting up then do not risk playing online bingo as it could lead to a bingo disaster! It really is that simple. A free bingo game on our site is a great way to play if you’re having issues with your internet but still want to play the game.

Your Account Details

Another simple thing to check on our site from time to time. If you enjoy our promotions then it is essential that you make sure your account details are up to date. Should you win a prize then we may have to confirm it with you (usually by email) and if we are unable to do this then you may lose out on your prize to someone else so don’t risk a bingo disaster and check that your account details and personal info are up to date.

Wagering Rules

Probably the thing that frustrates online bingo players above all others. We know it may seem trivial but you would be amazed by the number of people who play on bingo sites that do not know what wagering requirements are. These can affect your ability to withdraw winnings so read them and learn how they work so that you can use any bonuses that you may receive effectively and withdraw cash and enjoy your winnings!

A Brief History of Bingo

We always try to keep our players up to date with the latest bingo news from around the globe. We also like to offer the occasional strategy guide for playing on the Lucky Cow Bingo website but this week for our blog, we thought we would look at bingo has grown and evolved as a game over the last century so sit back and relax and enjoy our Lucky Cow Bingo history lesson!

The 1950s – The Decline of the Theatre

You may or may not be aware but the 50s saw the rise of the television for the first time. The rise of the TV led to a shift in how people were entertained and this actually led to the decline of traditional theatres. This development paved the way for new ways for people to go out and enjoy themselves and it wouldn’t be long after this time period until people would begin to enjoy the game of bingo in the UK.

The 1960s – Gambling in the UK

The 60s saw gambling legalised for small sums of money for the first time. Finally, fans of bingo could play the game in public for real money! This led to the bingo hall opening its doors and the game really began to increase in popularity. Around this time the Odeon Theatre screen its last programme and then transitioned into the Top Rank Bingo Club.

The 70s & 80s – A Peak in Interest

Over the next 20 years, the game stabilised to become a UK favourite. There were more bingo halls than ever during this period with any people enjoying the game every single week. At the height of popularity, there were almost 2000 bingo clubs in the UK in the mid-70s. The game became a much-anticipated part of the week with many considering it the highlight of the week.

The 1990s – Big Brands Dominate

It could be argued that the market settled somewhat in the 90s but the game was still extremely popular. The big brands began to dominate the market with companies such as Mecca and Gala becoming household names for those that went to play in bingo halls. A lot of other clubs sadly went out of business due to the power of the bigger bingo hall companies.

The 2000s – The Rise of the Internet

While less prolific in the 2000s, bingo halls continued to prove popular but the internet really began to take off during this time period. Home computers and mobile devices became more accessible than ever before and this led to the rise in the online bingo website. Now there are hundreds of thousands of sites and eventually, bingo halls began to decline due to the convenience of their online counterparts.

Today – Online Bingo Thrives

You can still find bingo clubs open all over the UK but the online market is where most people are choosing to play. The average bingo player is younger than ever before due to the range of diverse online options that exist on the web. Over 20% of players are aged 18-25 and there was over £1.3 billion spent on online bingo wagers in 2012.

As you can see the enduring popularity of the game remains, it’s just that players are consuming the product on different platforms. We expect bingo halls to continue to decline but the online game is here to stay with a huge number of people enjoying the game every week. We hope you enjoyed our history lesson and if you have any ideas of your own drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll add them to this post!

Lucky Cow Bingo Security Tips

Whether you are a bingo or slots player on Lucky Cow Bingo, it is very important that you are staying safe when you play games online. Whether you are betting a penny or £10, there is money involved. Online crime is more common than ever so it is important that you are protecting yourself online. We’ve come up with a few ideas as to how you can stay safe when you play on Lucky Cow Bingo.

Our Security

Of course, you can feel rest-assured that we have our customer’s safety in the forefront of our minds at all times. Your safety is of paramount importance to us and our number one priority. Our servers are kept secure at all times and we have regular independent testing through SQS.

Any transaction or info that is passed to us from our roomies will be encrypted with the latest 128 Bit SSL technology. This is the industry standard for monetary payments. This means that you can play with confidence safe in the knowledge that we are protecting you at all times when you play on our site.

Using the Chatroom

We have one of the best communities around on Lucky Cow Bingo but there are some things to consider when socialising in the chatroom. We actively encourage social interaction in our chatrooms but players should also be aware of how to remain safe while chatting.

Never give out personal information in the chatroom as this could potentially compromise the security of your account. Even info such as your full name or birthday can cause huge damage so don’t risk it and make up a name for your chatroom alias and of course, never reveal any card details or financial info.

Your Device

Another way to keep safe is to conduct a review of your device’s security. A lot of our players play from their PCs or laptops whereas others prefer a smartphone or tablet. Conducting a mini-audit of your device’s security features is a great way to increase your safety playing bingo online.

Make sure your firewall is activated and consider anti-virus software if you do not already have this installed. A quick scan of your PC or laptop for viruses or malware could prove useful in the medium to long term.

Browser Settings

We wouldn’t recommend playing on Lucky Cow Bingo on a device that is not yours but should you feel the need to play on a friend’s computer or a public computer then be sure to check the browser settings.

Some browsers will save your personal info for next time so check your cookies and make sure whichever browser you choose to play on does not save your data for auto-fill purposes.

Help the Charming Prince this July on Lucky Cow Bingo

July is upon us and here at Lucky Cow Bingo that can only mean one thing. That’s right we have a brand new monthly promotion to take part in and we have some brilliant prizes to play for.

This is a slots promotion so if you prefer to play some bingo for big prizes then check out our promotions section on the site to check out some of our bingo promotions. However, our Charming Prince offer is perfect for slot players so what exactly is there to play for?

A Spa Trip for Two!

Yes, you read that correctly! We are offering our beloved roomies the chance to play for a relaxing spa trip for two. That’s not all though as we are also giving away some £50 vouchers for health and beauty retailer Lush. The best bit is that we have £50 vouchers to give away every week of July! The spa trip will be credited as a £500 real cash prize on the final draw which will take place on 1st August 2017.

The Enchanted Prince Slots

To qualify for the prize draw and a chance at the spa day then you will have to play the Enchanted Prince slot. This is one of our favourite games on Lucky Cow Bingo and the game has been developed by Eyecon and is a simple fairy-tale themed slot with some excellent bonus features. There are 25 paylines and you can gamble from just 25p.

Like many slots from Eyecon, the design is basic but also pretty engaging at the same time. Players can land wild combinations to win cash prizes and there are free spins up for grabs too. To qualify for our prize draw, you have to wager £10 on Enchanted Prince. Doing so will allow you to claim a single entry for the prize draw. The best bit is that you can collect as many entries as you want!

Where & When?

You can begin playing by simply depositing in the lobby and by entering the Enchanted Prince game. The promotion has already begun and is split into the following weeks:

  • Week 1: Tuesday 4th July – Monday 10th July
  • Week 2: Tuesday 11th July – Monday 17th July
  • Week 3: Tuesday 18th July – Monday 24th July
  • Week 4: Tuesday 25th July – Monday 31st July


We would recommend reading our general terms and conditions before you deposit. Players will be notified by email on the Tuesday following the promotional week should they win a prize. You may have to confirm your prize and if you are unable to then you might lose out so make sure your details are up to date on the site.

Summer Slots to Spin on Lucky Cow Bingo

Here at Lucky Cow Bingo, we have some of the greatest bingo games around and while a lot of our roomies tune in every week to enjoy some bingo, playing the game over and over can get a little boring if you don’t know how to mix things up. That’s why we offer lots of great slot machine to enjoy and with July just around the corner, we thought we would take a look at some of our best summer slots!

Cup Carnaval

It isn’t the world cup every year but with this fantastic outing by Eyecon you can take an exotic trip to Brazil to enjoy the beautiful game! Cup Carnaval is a fantastically simple game with5 reels, 25 paylines and wagers beginning at just 25p. There are wild combinations and free spins to be had on this sizzling summer slot so if football is your sport then this game will certainly put a smile on your face.

Secret Garden

Cultivating a healthy crop is always important during the summer months and Secret Garden is perfect for slot players that enjoy being outdoors. Plants need plenty of sunlight to grow but spinning the reels on this game is another way to make the flowers blossom! This game has the same setup as other Eyecon games with 25 paylines to enjoy. There are free games up for grabs for players who can land the rose scatter symbols as well as a 3X multiplier too.

Fluffy Too

The sequel to the critically-acclaimed Fluffy Favourites and the second instalment in the series takes us on a trip to the seaside! The sun is shining and players can head over to the fun fair to win big fluffy prizes. There are free spins and wild combos to be had but the Coin Pusher feature is our favourite with a maximum prize of a 100X wager up for grabs for the luckiest of players. If you enjoyed the original game then you will love the sequel so certainly check it out.

99 Time

We posted about this slot a couple of weeks ago but for players who have not encountered the new 99 Time slot then you are in for a treat! This is the latest slot game available on our site and our players already love it. A trip to the seaside is on offer with this game as well and there are lots of sweet treats to play for. The best feature is the Ice Cream Maker with a 100X wager up for grabs as well as free spins and wild combos as well. It’s the perfect slot to play this summer and well worth a few spins.