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We’ve Scooped up a Which Bingo Award!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve won a very special award here at Lucky Cow Bingo! We’ve been selected by Which Bingo as the Best Jumpman Gaming Bingo Site. We couldn’t be happier with the result, as we’re always looking for ways to reward out players.

About the Award

This is a great award for us to get and it was a great night at the awards. Which Bingo are well known for selecting the top sites out there, as they’re experts in our industry. With so many different Jumpman Gaming bingo sites, it’s fab to be nominated as the top of the pile.

We’re always seeking new ways to improve our site for our players, like adding new games and information on the site. With our new and improved reviews, tips and other pages, we’re hoping our players get even more from our site than ever before.

As a player on our site, you’ll get access to all of the top games that we have to offer. This helps us to stand out against the other sites on our network, though we recognise that they’re great too! With so many sites using the same software, we love to stand out in any way possible!

What’s Next for Lucky Cow Bingo?

As we continue to improve, we’re looking to get a lot more notice for our brand. This means that you can look forward to hearing even more from us as we update our site even more. We can’t tell you too much about our plans right now, but keep your eyes peeled for what we have to offer!

We’ll also be keeping you updated on our social media channels, so make sure that you’re following us there for more information. We have Facebook and Twitter to get social with us on, so make sure you’re active there too. Then, as soon as we have a new promotion or change to the site to tell you about, you’ll be the first to know.

We’re also happy to hear any feedback that our players have to say about our site, the more vocal you are the better! Message us or get in touch with support if there’s something that you want to see us doing or adding in the future. We’re always keen to find out more about what our players are looking for.

We’re so proud to have won this fantastic award and as we go forward, we hope that we’ll have more awards to come! As a player on our site, you’re playing with the very Best Jumpman Gaming Bingo Site and now it’s official. We hope that you stick with us for years to come, we couldn’t have won it without you.

Top Slot Tips from Lucky Cow Bingo

We’re big fans of slots here at Lucky Cow Bingo, as you can probably tell by looking in our lobby. We have all of the top games for our players and now we’re here to share some of our favourite slot gaming tips! Check these out to become a pro.

  1. Know the Game

We know that when you open up a new slot game, you want to get down to playing right away. However, this isn’t always the best course of action, as it means that you don’t know what you’re getting into right away. Take your time, look at the paytable and the information that the game gives you to assess it.

This includes the RTP too, as ideally you want to be playing with something that will reward you. This handy little statistic will tell you if the game is rewarding or not, then you can measure it up against other games and decide if it’s a winning one.

  1. Select your Wager

Picking the right wager and the right settings in the game is essential. You have to make sure you’re playing with a wager that is comfortable for you and is also likely to hand you a win. So many of our games are really flexible, allowing you to bet what you want.

If you want to go ahead and reduce your bet, try to keep your paylines high. These are where you’ll actually be matching up the symbols that will grant you a win. Don’t reduce your chances too much by taking these out the game. Instead, use the level or coin buttons to change your bet to have the same chance of winning.

  1. Go Mobile

You don’t always have to be stuck at a computer when you play our slots, as our site is fully optimised to use on the go. This can help you to have a few extra games while you’re on the move, boosting your play time and chances to win.

Whether you have a fancy smartphone or an older tablet, you can use them to access our no download site. We have loads of compatible slot games available for you to play, so take them with you on the move.

  1. Seek out Bonuses

It’s great to play for free and if you look out for bonuses, you’ll get to do just that! Get your hands on free spins from our welcome wheel, for example, and you’ll be experiencing a lot of jackpot fun. There’s nothing better than a freebie and we have loads of them for you to play with.

Take these tips to the lobby and you’ll be able to boost your winning chances in no time.

Scorching Slots for the Summer

We’re more than ready for the summer to arrive! In fact, we’re already checking out which slots we’ll be playing when it does. If you want to get in the mood for the season then you can start spinning on these slots right now!

99 Time

Is there anything better than a cold treat on a hot day? We think not. If you want to get into the mood for some chilly ice creams, then this is the game for you. In 99 Time, you find yourself on a beach with a nice ice cream van right in front of you.

Across the reels, you’ll see some of the most popular frozen treats for you to match up. The symbol values in this game are quite high, so you can enjoy getting to grips with these and watching them act on your wager.

There are also some frozen free spins to watch out for in this game, which makes it an even better treat for players. Watch out for wilds and interesting features as you play on this sweet slot.

Fluffy Too

Continuing on our day at the beach, we’re off to the boardwalk with this game. This will allow you to check out the fluffies from the original game in a brand new setting. They’ll be taking you down to the beach, think strolling along the promenade in the sunshine.

You’ll also find some great bonus features for you to enjoy in this game too. If you’re a fan of free spins then prepare to be happy. Get combining wilds and scatters to experience everything that this game has to offer. It’s a great one to play on your mobile too, so you could actually take it all the way to the beach with you!

If you like this game, then check out the others in the fluffy series. We’ve got loads of them here, so don’t miss your chance to give them a few spins.

Unicorn Bliss

Frolick off to a sunny field in this game, where you can magic up some nice jackpots. You’ll join a host of mythical creatures and get matching up some rainbows. This is a nice, simple slot game which is perfect for beginners.

Open up the paytable of this game if you want to see all of the bonus features it can bring you. There are loads of bright and colourful symbols with their own values on the reels, so check them out. Then, you know what to expect!

There’s a lot of fun to be had in our lobby this weather, so check out our summer slots for a great time. You might just bag yourself a jackpot!

Top Bingo Jackpots for June

It’s nearly a brand new month and we have a roster of bingo jackpots ready for our players. Join us as we tell you all about the games that you need to be playing on next month! You’ll want to get in on these games for sure!

All or Nothing

Our regular All or Nothing game will be back in the lobby on the 2nd of June. That’s only a few days away, so make sure you get your tickets sorted now if you want to take part. Just pay in 5p and you’ll be in with a chance to win £50.

It’s all or nothing as we only have one winner in this game. If you manage to mark your cards off first, then you’ll get the whole prize pool. Get more tickets to this game to boost your chances of having the winning one.

Balance Booster

As we come to the middle of the month, we also have the Balance Booster to look forward to. This will come onto your screens on the 15th of June, which will give you the chance to buy 10p tickets for a £250 prize pool. As this is a 90 ball game, we share out this prize between the players on our site.

This is always an exceptionally popular game, so again if you want to take part we’d recommend buying your tickets in advance. This will allow you to get as many of these tickets as you like, the maximum is a total of 96.

The Snug

This game is a staple here at Lucky Cow Bingo, giving our players the opportunity to win for mere pennies. If you’re a frugal player then this is exactly the kind of game that you’re looking for. This game takes place each and every day, so you can really make the most of it. If you’re looking for a regular game to look forward to then this is it.

It’s also a hosted room, so you can have a bit of a chat with your fellow players too. What’s not to love?

As we move into August, there’s a big one on the way too. This month will bring us another £500 jackpot in the form of the Fortune Fountain game. Get your 50p tickets and you’ll be in it to win this massive prize. We love sharing this one with our players and we’re eagerly awaiting the next quarterly instalment of this game.

So there you have it! Get those dates in your diary and get looking forward to your share of the bingo lolly on offer. Pre buy your tickets to the big games in our lobby now.