75 or 90 Ball Bingo?

We all love a game of bingo but you might be stuck between the two most common varieties. 75 ball and 90 ball bingo can be found right here at Lucky Cow Bingo, but which should you play first?

About the Games

90 ball bingo, or UK bingo as we sometimes call it, is the most common form of the game for UK bingo sites. You’ll find a whole host of 90 ball rooms on our site, including the Balance Booster room.

With this type of bingo, you’re given a grid with three lines on it. It’s up to you to dab off your cards and get as many of the numbers checked off as possible. There are a total of 27 numbers to tick off and the winner can have 1 line completed, 2 lines completed or a full house.

With 75 ball bingo, the card is a 5 by 5 grid of numbers with each spaced filled. The way to win here is either to mark off a pattern or get all of the numbers marked off first. This is a super simple way to play and you can even win prizes for having a 1 or 2 numbers to go.

Pros and Cons

When you play 90 ball bingo, there are some excellent positive aspects like:

  • Plenty of jackpot games take place in the 90 ball form
  • Many games let you win with only one or two lines
  • Most common form of bingo on UK sites
  • Loads of rooms and games to choose from

There are a few downsides to this type of bingo, such as the amount of numbers required being higher than 75 ball bingo. It all evens out though, as this form of the game is highly rewarding.

Let’s take a look at the positive points of 75 ball bingo next:

  • There are less numbers on the card, so you need less to win
  • Jackpot games can be played cheaply
  • Some games allow you to win with one or two to go
  • Common way to play jackpot bingo

The biggest disadvantage to 75 ball bingo is that there aren’t as many games to take part in. Of course, when you play in our lobby you’ll find these games cropping up regularly so you won’t be bored.

Bingo and Slots

While you play these fantastic bingo games, remember that you can play slots at the same time too. We have so many of these games for you to check out, including some top names like Fluffy Favourites. Plus, with our welcome offer, you could even end up nabbing yourself up to 500 free spins to play on them! You can find the full T&Cs of this offer on our site.