90 Ball Bingo Vs 75 Ball Bingo

We love to provide the best of the best when it comes to bingo games, so you’ll notice a few different varieties here at Lucky Cow Bingo. In this article, we’ll be discussing two of the most popular forms of bingo, 90 ball and 75 ball bingo. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about these types of bingo, then you can get playing them on our site!

90 Ball Bingo

We’ll start with the most popular bingo game online, 90 ball bingo! This format of bingo was born in the UK and grew to be a worldwide sensation from there. It’s the original and in many player’s opinions, it’s the best! This is the purest format of the game, which many players enjoy both in halls and online.

This was most popular during the mid 1900s. During this time, especially post war, there was a need for cheap entertainment. That’s where bingo came in, as hopeful players could head to their local church hall or community centre to play some bingo. This also coincided with the invention of the television, which effectively put many cinemas out of commission.

These empty lots were easily converted into commercial bingo halls. This allowed the bingo scene to really pick up pace, as many UK towns would play host to at least one bingo hall. This led to a rise in the bingo playing population, as these became great places for a night out.

With the birth of the internet, these games came online and reached a whole new audience. 90 ball bingo has had a lot of competition since then, but it still remains the most popular version of the game. With three winners, this is a great game to get involved in. The rectangular card used for this game is immediately recognisable as representative of the game.

75 Ball Bingo

This is the American version of the game and it’s becoming ever more popular in the UK too. So much so, you’ll find it on many of your favourite UK sites. This game works on lines completed, with the more lines you have the better. There are often prizes for those with just one or two numbers to go, which can make this more lucrative to get involved with.

This has also gone on to inspire loads of other variants, which put their own twist on the classic game. It’s a bit faster than the 90 ball variety, which makes it more fun to play on the go. You can squeeze a lot of these games in a short space of time, you’ll often find that they have low ticket prices as a result.

No matter which kind of game you want to play with us, you’ll find plenty of them right here at Lucky Cow Bingo. Head into our lobby to find out more about them.