A Brief History of Bingo

We always try to keep our players up to date with the latest bingo news from around the globe. We also like to offer the occasional strategy guide for playing on the Lucky Cow Bingo website but this week for our blog, we thought we would look at bingo has grown and evolved as a game over the last century so sit back and relax and enjoy our Lucky Cow Bingo history lesson!

The 1950s – The Decline of the Theatre

You may or may not be aware but the 50s saw the rise of the television for the first time. The rise of the TV led to a shift in how people were entertained and this actually led to the decline of traditional theatres. This development paved the way for new ways for people to go out and enjoy themselves and it wouldn’t be long after this time period until people would begin to enjoy the game of bingo in the UK.

The 1960s – Gambling in the UK

The 60s saw gambling legalised for small sums of money for the first time. Finally, fans of bingo could play the game in public for real money! This led to the bingo hall opening its doors and the game really began to increase in popularity. Around this time the Odeon Theatre screen its last programme and then transitioned into the Top Rank Bingo Club.

The 70s & 80s – A Peak in Interest

Over the next 20 years, the game stabilised to become a UK favourite. There were more bingo halls than ever during this period with any people enjoying the game every single week. At the height of popularity, there were almost 2000 bingo clubs in the UK in the mid-70s. The game became a much-anticipated part of the week with many considering it the highlight of the week.

The 1990s – Big Brands Dominate

It could be argued that the market settled somewhat in the 90s but the game was still extremely popular. The big brands began to dominate the market with companies such as Mecca and Gala becoming household names for those that went to play in bingo halls. A lot of other clubs sadly went out of business due to the power of the bigger bingo hall companies.

The 2000s – The Rise of the Internet

While less prolific in the 2000s, bingo halls continued to prove popular but the internet really began to take off during this time period. Home computers and mobile devices became more accessible than ever before and this led to the rise in the online bingo website. Now there are hundreds of thousands of sites and eventually, bingo halls began to decline due to the convenience of their online counterparts.

Today – Online Bingo Thrives

You can still find bingo clubs open all over the UK but the online market is where most people are choosing to play. The average bingo player is younger than ever before due to the range of diverse online options that exist on the web. Over 20% of players are aged 18-25 and there was over £1.3 billion spent on online bingo wagers in 2012.

As you can see the enduring popularity of the game remains, it’s just that players are consuming the product on different platforms. We expect bingo halls to continue to decline but the online game is here to stay with a huge number of people enjoying the game every week. We hope you enjoyed our history lesson and if you have any ideas of your own drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll add them to this post!