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Welcome to our Brand New Site!

We’ve been hard at work for the last few months to bring you a new and improved site here at Lucky Cow Bingo! We’ve finally launched our new site and there’s a whole load for you to discover! Here are some of the brand new features that you can get to grips with right now.

The Design

We’ve brought the design of our site right up to date with a new look. We’re faster and better looking than ever before, thanks to an update of our graphics and platform. This means you’ll benefit from enjoying a bingo site that’s better than ever before.

We love to keep our site up to date with all of the new trends, so you’ll be enjoying the best of the best here. When you play with us, you’re getting all of the games you love in a shiny new wrapper!

New Games

Of course, with our brand new platform you’ll get to start enjoying a load of new games too. We’ve got more games than ever before, with bingo and hundreds of slots on offer. These games can offer you the chance to really win big, plus you’ll be able to get a varied experience on these games too. Whether you’re up for a fantasy themed adventure game or want to play on a cartoon themed slot, we’ve got you covered.

As you make your way through our new lobby, you’ll see where we’ve been busy making improvements. We’ll still have the games that you love from our old site, but we’ve also got a load of new ones too. Even our longstanding players will be able to find a new game to fall in love with.

There’s more bingo on our site now too, including more free bingo! If you want to play without having to pay then you can take part in this free fun every day. Get real cash prizes, without spending any money on tickets, it’s as simple as that!

On top of this, it’s now easier for you to hop into these rooms, as you can quickly see how many players are in them, the ticket price and the jackpot.


We’ve also been switching up the promotions that you can find here on our site to give you even more value for money! These are all fantastic promotions designed to ensure you have more funds to play with. With cashback, happy hours and free VIP bingo – you won’t be disappointed in what we have to offer.

So what are you waiting for? All of this fun is right around the corner for you, head onto our brand new site and get exploring!

90 Ball Bingo Vs 75 Ball Bingo

We love to provide the best of the best when it comes to bingo games, so you’ll notice a few different varieties here at Lucky Cow Bingo. In this article, we’ll be discussing two of the most popular forms of bingo, 90 ball and 75 ball bingo. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about these types of bingo, then you can get playing them on our site!

90 Ball Bingo

We’ll start with the most popular bingo game online, 90 ball bingo! This format of bingo was born in the UK and grew to be a worldwide sensation from there. It’s the original and in many player’s opinions, it’s the best! This is the purest format of the game, which many players enjoy both in halls and online.

This was most popular during the mid 1900s. During this time, especially post war, there was a need for cheap entertainment. That’s where bingo came in, as hopeful players could head to their local church hall or community centre to play some bingo. This also coincided with the invention of the television, which effectively put many cinemas out of commission.

These empty lots were easily converted into commercial bingo halls. This allowed the bingo scene to really pick up pace, as many UK towns would play host to at least one bingo hall. This led to a rise in the bingo playing population, as these became great places for a night out.

With the birth of the internet, these games came online and reached a whole new audience. 90 ball bingo has had a lot of competition since then, but it still remains the most popular version of the game. With three winners, this is a great game to get involved in. The rectangular card used for this game is immediately recognisable as representative of the game.

75 Ball Bingo

This is the American version of the game and it’s becoming ever more popular in the UK too. So much so, you’ll find it on many of your favourite UK sites. This game works on lines completed, with the more lines you have the better. There are often prizes for those with just one or two numbers to go, which can make this more lucrative to get involved with.

This has also gone on to inspire loads of other variants, which put their own twist on the classic game. It’s a bit faster than the 90 ball variety, which makes it more fun to play on the go. You can squeeze a lot of these games in a short space of time, you’ll often find that they have low ticket prices as a result.

No matter which kind of game you want to play with us, you’ll find plenty of them right here at Lucky Cow Bingo. Head into our lobby to find out more about them.

Cosmic Fortune Slot

Head to another planet when playing the exciting online slot Cosmic Fortune.  This space themed slot game will transport you away from earth and will land you somewhere in another galaxy where you can battle to win money by spinning in space themed symbols.  There are several fixed and progressive jackpots that can be won here allowing you to walk away with some significant money if you spin in the correct combination. This Cosmic Fortune slot review will give you as much information that you need to know before you commit to joining a site and playing it.


Cosmic Fortune Slot has been designed by the very credible NetEnt.  This is the company that also brought us very reputable slots such as Jumanji and Starburst therefore they are not strangers in this market.  NetEnt are one of the leaders in online slot development and for this specific Cosmic Fusion slot you will see that they have maintained the same high quality standard of work.  Cosmic Fusion Slot mobile capability is also active so whether you are on a desktop, iPad or other mobile device, you will be able to play the game as normal.


The theme of this slot is all around space and all of the symbols represent something in this arena.  This can include things such as spaceships, flying saucers and aliens. The symbols are graphically amazing and the sounds that go with them are really quite something.  The multi-line slot has more than just amazing graphics and theme as the music that plays along with this is also really attractive. Every time you spin the slot then you will be matched with what seems to be a space ship taking off sound.  If you manage to get into the bonus feature then the sounds and graphics get so much better and you will be taken back on just how high quality it is.


Here on this multi-line slot there is a total of 5 reels where you can play for a minimum of 15p a spin up to the maximum of £75 for those committed slot players.  There is an auto-spin option where you can sit back and relax and watch the money come in or if you prefer play each spins as you please. There are also multiple jackpots that can be won on this slot.  At the top of the slot you will notice some jackpot cash amounts in the form of Rapid, Mini, Midi, Major and Mega. The amount shown for the major is pretty significant and potentially life changing and can be won at any time.  When these jackpots are won, they reset back to a default amount. In order to win one of these jackpots you will require to land 3 of the marbles in the bonus cup within the free spins bonus game (details below).

Free Spins Bonus Game

As with most credible slot games on the web, Cosmic Fortune has a free spins feature.  This is not just any free spins feature game but is a free ball drop innovative one. In order to get yourself into this feature game then you are required to hit at least 3 of the scatter symbols.  By doing this, you will immediately get 10 free spins and the feature will become active. If you hit more than 3 of the scatter symbols then more free spins will be rewarded to you. In addition to this, whilst you are playing on the free spins, if you hit more scatter symbols then more free spins will be added to your total.  Hitting one of the fantastic life changing jackpots can also be triggered in this feature. How you get this is by spinning in 4 of the bonus cups. The free spins feature does not come around very often but when you do manage to hit it, you scoop a lot of cash.

Hanzos Dojo Slot

If you are keen to play a slot that has expanding wilds, free spins and all the exciting graphics and sounds you would expect from a modern slot game then look no further as Hanzos Dojo slot may be the one for you.  This fun 25 win line, 5 reel slot game has everything from martial arts characters to what looks to be calm Asian women fanning themselves.  It goes from one extreme to another. There is potentially a lot of money that can be one on this slot through their innovative bonuses and features.  Be sure to read on further on this Hanzo’s Dojo slot review to get the lowdown on all of the main headlines.


When you think of the name Hanzos Dojo, what comes to your mind?  For me, not much! A very interesting name for a slot game however they seem to have overcome some of the confusion with the design of the slot creatives and graphics.  It is based in what looks like to be a traditional Japanese building where the martial arts characters will appear along with other interesting characters. In the background you are surrounded by countryside, mountains and some trees.  The slot was designed by Yggdrasil Gaming who are already well known in the industry for many other slots. Keeping in mind how modern players play slot games on the go Hanzo’s Dojo Slot mobile capability is at the forefront of their mind.  You can play this either on your desktop computer or even on your mobile phone or tablet.  If playing on your mobile phone, the graphics and sounds of Hanzo’ Dojo are not compromised and there is plenty of good quality outputs.


There are 8 different symbols on the slot which include Asian characters and feature triggers and all of the information as to the payout levels are made clear from the information button you can view from the bottom left hand side.  These symbols also include effectively 3 different forms of bonuses that can be triggered. These are the expanding wilds feature which has a blue background and what appears to be a facemask, a locked symbol feature which has a large sumo wrestler type character in a red background and the free spins feature which is the gold round plate in a red background.  With their being 3 different features that you could potentially trigger, the winning opportunity is massive.

Expanding Wild Feature

Receiving the expanding wild feature can be really rewarding depending on what the other features are that have come in with the spin.  If you land the expanding wild feature then it will complete the full reel with a wild symbol. This isn’t the end of the fun as there is more that can give you a lot more for your money – if you are lucky enough to spin in 3 expanding wild then this will lock in the Hanzo spin 3 x 3 wild reward.

Free Spins Feature

With most modern slots, you will find a few spins feature that allows you to sit back and watch the money roll in.  On this slot when you spin in 3 of the scatter symbols you will trigger the free spins (spin more and more will be yours).  Whilst you are in the free spins feature, if you spin in any of the rooftop slot symbols then you will get extra free spins.  You can keep tabs on your free spins quantity by looking at the top left hand side of the screen where on top of the house it has a countdown.

Slot Spotlight: Temple of Isis

Temple of Isis is one of the most well known slots out there, with a large fan following. This game has an adventurous theme, with plenty of bonus features for you to explore too. Check out our spotlight on this game to find out everything you need to know about this game.

Key Facts

There are a few key facts that you’ll want to know before you go ahead and get started on this game:

  • It comes to players from developers Eyecon
  • It’s a five reel, three row slot game
  • There are free spins in the game
  • There are 25 adjustable paylines

Now that you have an overview of this game, it’s time to go a bit more in depth. Let’s take a look at all of the fun and features that this game has to offer.

Bonus Features

We love bonus features in slots, as it has the potential to really spice things up for us. This game doesn’t disappoint when it comes to bonus features, if you’re fans of free spins, then make sure you have a go on this game. Match up three of the scatter symbols in the game for your chance to get your hands on those free spins.

There’s also a wild symbol within the game for you to play with too. This will help you to match up even more combinations, which will help you to win more funds.

Betting Options

This is a super flexible game when it comes to betting options, as you can play from just a penny if you like. This gives you the chance to spin the reels of the game, without having to spend a lot of cash. The paylines can be adjusted to your liking, so you don’t have to be a big spender in order to play.


If you want to help yourself to some extra jackpots when you play this game, then we can help you out with some strategy tips. While you can play with just a payline, we’d recommend that you keep your paylines high on this game. Reduce your bet per line instead if you want to reduce your wager without changing your chances to win.

How to Play

Once you have the betting options down, you can start to spin the reels of the game. Just match up three or more symbols on the reels to win. All of the multipliers and winnings that you can get are detailed in the paytable. This will keep you up to date with everything you need to know about the game and possible jackpots.

If you want to check out this game then play it here at Lucky Cow Bingo!

Slot of the Month: Alice in Wonderslots

We love fantasy games here at Lucky Cow Bingo and we’ve decided to feature one of our favourites this month. The Alice in Wonderslots game is a fantastic option for players, so join us to find out more about what it offers.

The Inspiration

The inspiration from this game comes from Alice in Wonderland, as literary players will probably have guessed. This classic tale has inspired plenty of movies and games over the years. In this game by Playson, there’s yet another twist in the tale, which will be sure to delight players.

On the reels, you’ll see characters from the tale just ready to match up for a jackpot. This includes the likes of the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and more. While this isn’t the only game to use this as an inspiration, the design of these symbols really help to set it apart.

The Gameplay

Next, let’s take a look at the gameplay that this slot game brings to the table. The gameplay itself is quite standard, so you can get right to spinning the reels without a lot of waiting around. Just set up your bet using the buttons under the reels and you’re pretty much ready to go.

There’s not a lot of betting options, as the paylines are fixed in this game. If you want to make things more convenient for yourself, then you can use the max bet and auto play features too. This will make things easier and smoother, allowing you to start enjoying the game.

Where this game differs from your standard slots is that it has an extra row of symbols. This gives you the chance to match up more symbols and potentially win some extra bucks. The The paylines are fixed, so even if you want to reduce your bet you’ll have the same chances to win.

Special Features

The special features that this game has to offer are among our favourites. This gives our players loads more chances to win, with wilds and free spins to get playing with. Most of these are triggered by special symbols, you can open up the paytable to find out all the details.

The Alice symbol plays a special role within the game, as she appears stacked to help your jackpot creating ability. You can also keep your fingers crossed to see scatters, which will help you into the bonus round. Get three of these and you’ll start playing with 20 free spins before you know it.

Out of all the slots on our site, this is the one we’d suggest you have a play on this month. We’ll be back again with another top pick next month.

Top Slots at Lucky Cow Bingo

Are you stuck for inspiration as to which slots you should be playing this week? Join us as we take a look at some of the top games that you could get playing. If you’re looking for inspiration then look no further!

Tin Town

This game comes from our friends at Eyecon and features some fantastic gameplay. The idea of the game is that you’re visiting a town of robots, match them up and you’ll get to reveal some big prizes. The game is really flexible and you’ll find that it’s an easy one to get playing.

Spin the reels of this slot and watch out for free spins. This will give you the chance to really win big, without spending a lot. This is what we love to look out for in slot games, as it means that all our players can enjoy them, no matter what kind of budget they’re on.

The graphics in this game are quite cute, with all sorts of different robots on there. Players can open up the paytable to see which values these will assign to your wager.

Feline Queen

While we love games that have all the bells and whistles, sometimes we just want something simple. If you’re in that kind of mood then playing Feline Queen is ideal. While it’s pretty straightforward, the gameplay is fluid and interesting.

It only has one reel with three symbols on there, so it’s up to you to make these work for you. They’re all cat themed and can reward you with a massive multiplier if you’re lucky. Just spin the reel and wait for the symbols to match up, it really is as easy as that.

There’s no end to the fun you can have with this game, you can even spin it on your mobile too.

Fruitful Siesta

This is another cracking game that will keep you amused on our site. There’s a mix of Mexican culture and standard fruit machine symbols. If you like classic slots but want something a bit different, then this is the game for you.

There’s a lot of excitement within the gameplay too, as you match up the symbols you might just be able to treat yourself to a bonus too. This is helpful for players that are quite discerning and want to make sure they’re getting an interesting experience.

Just check out the paytable of this game to find the value of all those fruity symbols. There are free spins and wilds to watch out for too!

Any one of these games is a good bet to play on here at Lucky Cow Bingo. Open up the lobby to get started!

Ways to Learn More about our Promotions

If you want to take part in one of our promotion’s, but want to know more, then we have the blog for you! Here are some things that you can do to learn more about the ins and outs of our promos.

Check the T&Cs

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’re always encouraging our players to read the terms and conditions. Often, this can give you much more information than the short promotions information on the page. This will give you all of the information that you need before you go ahead and take part.

These outline what you need to do and any exemptions that might exist within the promotion. The more you know about a promotion, the better you’ll do with the prizes and terms. We don’t want our players to miss out, so we try to make our promotions as clear as possible.

Message Us

If you’ve had a read through the terms and conditions, but still want to know more then it’s best to pop us a message. We can give you support directly and explain the promotion in more depth too. Our chat team are always happy to help out and explain things for our players, no matter what you want to know more about.

You can get in touch with us on the site, send us an email or get in touch via social media. Just use the method that’s easiest for you and one of our helpers will get back to you in no time. This will help clear things up for you and get you ready to take part in the promotion.

Stay in Touch

Allowing us to keep in touch with email and text messaging is another way to find out all about the latest promotions. This is a great way to keep abreast of the very latest and greatest promotions. It will allow you to get instant access to the newest promotions, then you can go ahead and play with them.

If you opt in to hear from us then we’ll keep you up to up to date! The information we send you will cover all of the bases, then you can visit the site to learn more. From there, you can go ahead and take part in our promos.

Make sure that you take the time to learn about promotions before you go and take part. If you just take a quick glance, then you might not get all of the information that you need. This can end up negatively affecting your chances to win, so make sure you know all about the promotion before you take part.

Check out some cool games and amazing bingo tips!

What makes our Site Safe for Players?

Here at Lucky Cow Bingo, we take our customers safety and security is of paramount importance. We take several key measures to ensure that we are protecting you and above all you feel that all, of our games are fair and that your details are completely confidential.

Who are we?

Lucky Cow Bingo is part of Jumpman Gaming Limited and that is who owns and operates our site. We are completely licenced by the UK Gambling Commission and fully regulated in Alderney, where Jumpman Gaming is based.

Is my Information Safe?

We use the industry standard for protecting your financial information when you are making a payment; employing 128 bit SSL security encryption. Our servers are kept in a secure location and our defences have been rigorously tested through SQS.

All of this culminating in the safe storage of your private information and the secure management of payments to and from your account.

Jumpman Software

Our online bingo software is at the cutting-edge of technology and this means that all of the games that we offer have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are completely fair and this is something that we take a lot of pride in.

It’s also not just about making sure the games are fair, it’s about making sure they are attractive, distinctive and have a user-friendly interface that makes for some exciting and rewarding gameplay, something we feel we achieve to great success.

Terms and Conditions

We have a dedicated ‘Terms and Conditions’ section on our website accessed via the T&C’s link at the bottom of the page. Here we go into a lot of detail about what you can expect from us and how we operate. Our privacy policy is contained here detailing our registration with the Data Protection Office in Guernsey as well as details about our Gambling Commission licence.

It is not just your privacy and safety we take very seriously but we also want to support you should you find yourself developing any unhealthy gambling habits.

We have a self-exclusion zone, making your account inaccessible for as long as you need it to be, allowing you to take a break and carry out a ‘reality-check’. We also provide a friendly and approachable customer service team who are there to offer you advice and point you in the right direction should you require any help. We also provide a link to the Gamble Aware and GamStop websites should you find your spending is getting out of control.

Lucky Cow takes every conceivable measure to ensure our customer’s data is kept confidential, is stored in accordance with the law and above that you can enjoy your online gaming in a safe and protected environment.

New Slot Feline Queen

Take a walk on the wild side with the brand new slot Feline Queen by Germany’s leading online gaming software developer Bally Wulff. This innovative game has a refreshing design that is different to your typical online slot and with its high-definition graphics and slick animations, it is definitely a memorable adventure and one we decided to go on by having a few spins of the reel ourselves.

Impressive Gameplay

The game features a total of nine symbols including four large cats, a fierce warrior queen and some feline eyes. Aside from the detailed and stunning graphics, there is a fantastic jackpot of up to £200,000 to be won which make this game all the more alluring.

This instant win game has some great multipliers and if you are lucky enough to land the Feline Queen herself then you will receive 100,000x the value of the original wager. The cats are worth 2500x, 250x, 25x and 10x with the eyes providing 5x the stake.

Bets start at £0.10 which is great if you are playing to a budget, however, the maximum stake is £2.00, so if you are more of a high-roller then this game will still offer you the thrill you are looking for.

Desirable Design

The developers at Bally Wulff have carefully crafted this game to make it stand out against its competitors and so they have made a reel that looks very different; taking the shape of a golden badge. The green ‘spin’ button is prominently featured at the bottom of the reel and the aim is to match three symbols vertically.

The game has been optimised for use across numerous devices and operating platforms such as Android and iOS and looks especially attractive on the desktop.

Sophisticated Settings

If you enjoy a faster pace of game then why not turn on the handy Autoplay feature that will let you customise the number of rounds you want to play from 5 to 50.

There are also two other great features that help you to gamble responsibly and those are ‘Lost Limit’ and ‘Stop on Single Win’.

You can personalise these to your own preferences and if you want to stop playing after a loss of, for example, £5 then the game will automatically stop at this point.

If you also are looking to walk away after a single loss of say £20 then this can be put in place and the game will cease playing.

The game also features rather magical sounding backing music that further reinforces this mystical theme game and really enhances the overall enjoyment.

Fantastically Feline

If you are a fan of cats then this game is definitely one you are going to want to play and take it from us, you won’t be disappointed.