Bingo Glossary for Beginners

Whether you are a bingo newbie or bingo pro we try and cater to all levels of players here at Lucky Cow Bingo and our blog is here to educate, enlighten and entertain! For this week’s post, we thought we would look at the language that players use when they play the game and new players will perhaps benefit from this blog post the most but you may learn a new term that you haven’t encountered before. Picking up the lingo doesn’t take too long and there is no need to use Google Translate if you are read our exclusive glossary.

Bingo Game Variants

90 Ball Bingo

– The most popular game by far in the UK with 3 rows of 9 columns each. There are 15 numbers on each card and prizes can be shared.

75 Ball Bingo

– Arguably, the second most popular game played on a 5X5 card and the aim of the game is to complete a pre-announced pattern. The best variant for players that do not want to share the jackpot.

5-Line Bingo

– A fast-paced game offering 5 chances to win. The game is played on a card that is similar to a 75 ball card and is tonnes of fun.

General Terms

1TG & 2TG

– TG stands for “to go” and essentially means the number of squares you have left on your card before you win. For example, 1TG means “one-to-go”. Simple!

Bingo Card

– This is essentially your grid that you are filling in with numbers while playing. The cards have to be completed to win the game.

Bingo Etiquette

– These are the generally accepted rules within a bingo room and offer an unofficial platform for the way in which players interact with each other. You will pick up the etiquette of a bingo room as you play.

Bingo Rooms

– These are the online equivalent of the land-based bingo halls. We have plenty of different bingo rooms to choose from and these are entered through the lobby. Think of them as virtual spaces where players convene.

Chat Terms

Chat Host

– The individual who moderates or monitors a chat room on a bingo site. These individuals are usually employees of the site and they aim to keep things fun and fair so look out for them next time you play.

Chat Game

– Side games that are played during the main bingo game within a chat room. These are light-hearted and fun and can be word or number games in a lot of cases.


– Quite simply roomies are the players that you are playing with in the bingo/chat room. You become a roomie as soon as you enter a bingo room!

Warm Up

– Usually the first bingo game in a session of games. Often referred to as the early bird game when a bingo room opens for the first time that day.

Now that you have all that lingo at hand, get into the lobby and get playing!