Common Slots Bonuses & Special Symbols

We’ve had a few questions from some of our players recently on the best ways to win big playing some our online slots. There is no definitive answer to this question and instead, players should focus on understanding the game that they have chosen to play.

As a result, this week’s blog post is dedicated to the slot bonuses and special symbols that you might encounter when you spin the reels.

The Wild Symbol

Arguably, the most common bonus symbol of all and the wild symbol is included in most modern games. When a player is one symbol short of a winning combination the wild symbol can act as a substitute if it appears on the reel.

This means that you can still pick up a win despite not having revealed all of the corresponding symbols. The wild symbol makes the game a bit more exciting and it can also trigger additional bonuses in some games.

The Scatter Symbol

This is the second most popular bonus symbol on online slots and the scatter can serve multiple purposes. It most commonly triggers its own individual payout should you manage to land several of them (typically three or more) on the reel simultaneously. It can also trigger a bonus round which is most commonly offered as free spins.

Free Spins

When it comes to bonus features on slot games, the free spins round is definitely the most common. Free spins are awarded as they keep players playing and you never know how many you will receive.

Some games will offer as little as 5 whereas others will offer up to 50 provided you can land the correct number of scatter or bonus symbols.

Prize Pick

This is another bonus round that is becoming ever more popular. Eyecon slots love to offer a prize pick round and this can be triggered when you land 3 or more of the various bonus symbols on various games.

A prize pick round can offer any number of rewards and these can be multipliers, free spins, sticky wilds or a simple cash prize.

If you want to enjoy some prize pick features then check out some Eyecon slots such as Fireworks Frenzy, Stampede or Fluffy Favourites.

Gamble Feature

This is another bonus that is popular among slot players but this one actually involves a bit of risk. This feature is offered on a lot of our modern games and it can be activated after any win.

This will allow you to play a “Double or Nothing” style game with the chance to double your latest win. However, if you guess incorrectly from the options presented then you will lose your latest win so use it with caution!

More Info in our Tips & Tricks Section

These are just some of the special symbols and bonus features that you can unlock playing online slots but if you need any more information then you can check out our Ultimate Slot Games Guide in our new Tips & Tricks section. Good luck!