Free Bingo Overview & Options

We get a lot of questions about our free bingo offers here at Lucky Cow Bingo and a lot of players assume that because that some of the bingo games are free, that there is little point in playing them as they will not offer significant prizes. While the prizes can be smaller, you can still win real cash when you play free games so we thought we would go into more detail about the free bingo options on our site.

What Exactly is Free Bingo?

Quite simply, free bingo is a bingo game whereby you don’t have to deposit any real cash. Players can simply join the game without having to buy a ticket and there is no deposit required. Easy stuff!

Why Play Free Bingo?

There are so many different reasons as to why players choose to play the free version of the game. Many of our newer players begin their Lucky Cow Bingo adventure by playing the free version of the game to test out the quality of our games and to see if the games run well enough on their device. Of course, free bingo is also risk-free as there is no need to spend any real cash on these games.

Additionally, some players may alter their budget and allow fewer funds for online bingo as a whole. The free game can be used as a substitute should players still want to play as many games as before. Overall, though, free bingo is just great fun and a good way to socialise with other roomies! Terms and conditions apply to free bingo, check our policy for more info.

Can You Win Prizes?

A lot of our free online bingo games do offer prizes and you can win real cash playing them! In general, cash amounts won’t be as high as paid games but the thrill of even winning a small cash prize is enough for thousands of our loyal players. Players can play as much free bingo as they please and the only requirement is that you have made a deposit within 7 days.

How Can You Get Started?

Even though free bingo does not involve any cash deposits, we still require our players to be over the age of 18. Playing for free is pretty easy and we offer free games every single day between 12pm and 2pm. That’s two whole hours of bingo that you can play every single day. Each game has a £1 jackpot with a full house win resulting in a 50p cash reward.

This may not seem like a lot but you can play as many free games as you wish for two hours every day. As we mentioned, all you have to do is make any deposit and you can play free bingo for a whole week. Good luck and we hope your free bingo adventure is a success!