Get More for Your Money this December on Lucky Cow Bingo

For most us, December will be a pretty expensive month but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up playing your favourite games here at Lucky Cow Bingo. For this reason, we thought we would have a think about how you can get more for your money this month so that you can get the best of both worlds. Here are some top tips for our bingo and slots roomies.

Try Some New Promotions

If you’re a standard bingo player, then you may simply stick to the lobby but we actually have lots of special jackpot games that you can access in our promotions section. These games offer some of our biggest prizes and they are pretty cheap to enter so you don’t have to break the bank. Here some of our favourites that could save you money this December but still allow you to win big:

  • Our Fortune Fountain game offers a £500 community jackpot with just 50p tickets.
  • Play the £250 Balance Booster on the 15 th of this month with 10p cards.
  • The All or Nothing jackpot game has a £50 prize with cards costing just 5p.

Play Bingo for Free

A lot of our roomies are regulars and simply enjoy playing the game with their friends so if you fall into this category then our free bingo games might be for you. You can play in our free games every single day and we have 2 hours of free bingo available between 12-2pm, 7 days a week with real cash prizes. A full house will net you 50p and you could even then use this prize to play in some bigger games so try our free bingo if you want to save yourself some cash.

Try Some Online Slots

The good news with online slots is that they are extremely flexible in terms of how much they cost to play. Most of our slot games can be spun with just a few pennies but you can still win big playing these games even if you don’t bet big. Try out some of our classic games such as Sugar Train or Fluffy Favourites as these games offer bonus features that could offer you big payouts on a budget.

Scan the Lobby

Our final tip is to scan the lobby and this basically means taking extra time to find suitable games. We have bingo games launching every couple of minutes and it can be tempting just enter the first game that pops up but you can actually save a lot of money by taking the time to find some of the cheaper games. There are still cash prizes to win so look for cheaper tickets and this will help make your budget last longer this December.