How Bingo Boosts Your Brainpower

Here at Lucky Cow Bingo, we are well aware of the extra benefits our favourite game can have other than just providing a fun and potentially profitable experience. We have previously discussed the health benefits of bingo in a general sense but for this week’s blog, we thought we would look at how playing bingo (online or offline) can have a positive effect on the brain and what you can do to get maximum benefit out of the game.

Brain Training

Research has shown that bingo can have a positive effect on the way in which your brain processes information. Your thinking capacity gradually begins to decline as you get older but playing bingo has been proven to actually counter this. This is due to the stimulation of the cells in the brain that help you process and retain information. Cool huh? Playing more complex bingo games such as 75 ball with more difficult patterns can actually help improve this part of the brain so maybe consider trying some harder bingo games next time you play on Lucky Cow.

Reaction Times

This is another area where bingo is effective and this is due to a combination of factors. Playing bingo requires you to memorise numbers and patterns under time constraints which can help boost your reaction times and your concentration in general. We found that for reaction times and memory stimulation, other games such as Sudoku also had a beneficial impact, just like online bingo!

In More Detail…

Upon further reading of our sources, we also discovered that the mental stimulation that bingo provides can even play a role in preventing cognitive disorders that could emerge in later life such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s! Greater memory recall is required when playing bingo regularly and this can have a therapeutic impact on the brain in the medium to long term. Playing the game in short bursts regularly is the way forward.

How Often Should You Play?

Of course, overdoing it won’t make you a genius so take everything with a pinch of salt. Try and play for fun every now and then, perhaps a couple times a week to get maximum enjoyment out of the game. Our advice would be to try a memory test to see how your memory is, then, try out the same test in a month or so to see if there has been any improvement through playing bingo.

New to Lucky Cow?

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