How to Make Your Bingo Budget Last Longer

Not every bingo player has unlimited funds on which to spend on online bingo games and it is important that players live within their means. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun on a limited budget and here at Lucky Cow Bingo, we pride ourselves on having games that are affordable for everyone so how exactly can you make your bingo budget stretch that little bit further when you play on our site?

Budgeting Tips & Tricks

Whether you have £10, £20 or £30 to spend on bingo, it’s important that everyone gets to play plenty of games on our site which is why we offer so many different game variations. Budgeting is important but you really can get fantastic value if you plan out your playing sessions carefully.

Choosing games that fit your playstyle and budget is important. Players can enjoy free bingo games from time to time on our site as well and these can be a cheap and cost-effective way of topping up your balance. Some of our low-value games also offer some big jackpot cash prizes and chat games are also a good way of playing on a limited budget.

Use the Promotions List Wisely

While a lot of our promotions don’t play out all that regularly, they do offer some considerable prizes to play for. The key is to understand when our promos play out but if you want the chance to win big on a budget then the following are your best options:
Fortune Fountain offers a £500 community jackpot and this games takes place on the 1st of every quarter at 8pm so check out the bingo lobby for specific dates.
Balance Booster plays on the 15th of every month with a total of £250 in prizes up for grabs and tickets cost just 10p!

All or Nothing weekly jackpot game offering £50 every single week.

Free Bingo Options

Playing free bingo is another great way to top up your balance on a budget and we offer plenty of free games to enjoy every day. You can find the occasional free game in the bingo lobby or you can play in our Free Bingo Room every day from 12-2pm. That’s right we have 2 hours of free bingo every day. Each game has a £1 jackpot and is a useful way of winning some cash which can then be spent on bingo tickets for bigger games.

Our Monthly Facebook Promotion

Like our Facebook page and you’ll be able to take part in our monthly quiz. There is always a prize to play for and the best bit is, that you can enter absolutely free. Simply like the Lucky Cow Bingo Facebook page to get started!