Online Bingo Tournament Guide

Tournament games are a source of excitement for many online gamers all over the world and while you may find that tournaments are more common in games such as Poker, there are online bingo tournaments to enjoy from time to time. These types of games are extremely popular as there is usually thousands of pounds on offer for players and the chance to win big! Tournament games come in many forms and guises so we thought we would investigate further.

Bingo Tournaments Explained

A tournament game can be found in many places on an online bingo site and perhaps the most common place to find these offers would be the promotions section of an online bingo website. Tournament games are often seasonal and will only last a couple weeks in a lot of cases so our first main bit of advice is to read the offer before you buy a ticket. In a lot of cases, the online bingo player will have to play several games in hierarchical order to progress through the tournament with the aim of progressing to the final jackpot game.

How to Participate

Usually, entering an online bingo tournament requires an entry ticket. You may find the link to these tickets in either the promotions tab of a site or the bingo lobby itself. The qualifying rounds have to be completed to progress to the latter stages of the tournament so you have to ensure that you have the time to play as online bingo tournaments will involve several rounds. Basically, each round will consist of a bingo game and winning that round will earn you a ticket into the next round.

Progressing Effectively

Some tournaments will be trickier to progress through than others so it is of paramount importance that you understand what conditions have to be met for you to receive your ticket for the next stage. Some games will offer next round tickets for simply forming one and two line wins and we have found that for many tournaments, a full house win will reward players with more tickets. You can then progress to the quarter and semi-finals by eliminating players at each stage.

Making it to the Final

Eventually, you might make it to the final game along with a small group of players and it is here that you will compete for the grand jackpot. This will be the final bingo game of the tournament and it is important to remember that these games will usually take place at a specific time so be sure to take a note of it should you progress to the final! Our final bit of advice is to simply pay attention to the tournament rules as they can vary from tournament to tournament. Good luck and we hope you win the jackpot!

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