A Winning Online Bingo Strategy

At Lucky Cow Bingo, we believe that players should always balance having fun with winning money. While we hope that our roomies profit from our games, the key is to have fun while doing so and a well-thought bingo strategy can be the key to maintaining the perfect balance between having fun and winning big. As a result, we have come up with a few tips for this week’s blog to help you maximise your chances of leaving with some cash.

Understanding the Game

A lot of players makes the assumption that because there is an element of chance involved that there isn’t really any way of giving yourself the edge however this isn’t necessarily true. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to come up with a strategy and it really is just a case of understanding the game and all the options that are available to you as a player and some of the things that we would consider would be:

Timing Your Sessions

At Lucky Cow Bingo, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of games but just like with any other bingo site there are key times to play the game which could increase your chances of winning big. While playing with others is always a fun and social experience, playing at peak times could actually decrease your chances of winning due to the sheer volume of other players.

For a change, try playing some games at less busy times. With fewer players playing the game, you may find you have a higher chance of winning. Some of our early morning and late night games still have high jackpots but far fewer players playing them which could prove fortuitous for you the player!

How Many Cards?

Bingo is a game of numbers and the more cards you buy, the higher the chance you have to win! It may seem trivial but a lot of our newer bingo players don’t realise that you can buy multiple cards for a single game. You don’t have to break the bank but even buying one extra card could dramatically increase your chances of winning. Of course, remember to live within your means and only gamble what you can afford to lose and this leads us to our next point.

Don’t Over Do It!

A winning strategy also means knowing when to call it quits. Not getting carried away is crucial to a good bingo strategy and players who know when to walk away are responsible gamblers. We always promote responsible gambling so set aside a budget, stick to it and when you’re done, you’re done! It can be tempting to try and win back losses until you lose all over again!

With these tips in mind, head off to the bingo room and have a great time!

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It’s Time for a May Pay Day

April is now over and we hope our roomies had fun playing in our April Egg-Stravaganza promotion. May is now upon us which means a brand new seasonal promotion. Our exclusive May Pay Day is live now and there are some brilliant prizes to play for as always! We have some real cash jackpots to give away and this slot tournament is live now and will last for the entirety of May so there are plenty of chances to get involved.

When & Where?

This offer is running for May and May only so any entries after this point will not count and you will be ineligible for a prize. We have split the offer into the following 4 promotional weeks for your benefit:

  • Week 1: Monday 1st May – Sunday 7th May
  • Week 2: Monday 8th May – Sunday 14th May
  • Week 3: Monday 15th May – Sunday 21st May
  • Week 4: Monday 22nd May – Sunday 28th May

What is there to Win?

We have a share of £200 cash to play for and this will be divided into 10X £20 cash prizes on offer each week for four whole weeks! To qualify for the prize draw players have the choice of two slot machines to play and this month we have chosen Unicorn Bliss and Beez Kneez.

All you have to do is wager £10 on either slot to qualify for the prize draw for that week. The best bit is that you can collect multiple entries to increase your chances of winning, so you could drastically increase your likelihood of winning.

Which Slot to Play?

Both slots are great fun with Unicorn Bliss offering the player the chance to spin the reels and form winning combinations with some magical looking unicorns. This cartoonish 5 reel has plenty of free spins to play for and lots of wild combinations also. The magical theme is nice enough with plenty of smiling flowers and suns. It’s really silly and a bit over the top and we absolutely love it.

The second game is Beez Kneez and as you can perhaps tell from the title this game offers a humorous take on bumble bees. This is an Eyecon slot with 25 paylines and players can gamble from just 20p which is great with a maximum base game jackpot of 5000X your line bet so you really could win big if you’re lucky.

Terms & Conditions

You can find more about the exact T&Cs of this promotion on the promo page. We’d encourage you to take a look at these before you get playing.

Take a spin on these games and enjoy the chance to win those cash jackpots. We’ll be crossing our fingers for you, we hope you win big!

Check out our Branded Superhero Slots

This Friday coming (28th April) is National Superhero Day and was originally created by Marvel Comic employees back in 1995. The day aims to celebrate both real and fictional superheroes so here at Lucky Cow Bingo we thought we would take a look at some of our favourite super hero slot machines!


The Caped Crusader is a legendary character within superhero folklore and there have been several online slots dedicated to Batman over the years. To us, NextGen Gaming’s is the best and this game has 50 paylines as well as a Bonus Bet mode and the fantastic Descent into Madness bonus feature. You will encounter legendary characters from the Batman universe including The Joker and Jim Gordon. It has a fantastic comic book feel and is definitely worth a few spins.

Green Lantern

Arguably, one of the lesser-known DC Comic’ superheroes, the Green Lantern’s powers are revolved around those special rings that he wears. The character enjoyed somewhat of a resurgence in 2011 when the feature film featuring Ryan Reynolds was released and this slot machine offers the player a Bonus Bet feature and plenty of free spins. The aim of the game is to spin the reels and help the Green Lantern defeat his enemies Hector Hammond and Sinestro. Tonnes of fun!

Iron Man 2

You could argue that Iron Man is the most famous of the marvel superhero characters. Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey JR in the film series and this game is based on the second film in the trilogy. Players will enjoy the simple base gameplay and the fantastic graphics and will encounter characters such as Natasha Romanoff and Ivan Vanko. There are big jackpots to be won and we love the explosive gameplay.

Justice League

When the DC Comic superheroes team up together they are known as the Justice League and in this game, players will get to play as Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and more. You can spin this game from just 30p and there is a fantastic 300X jackpot up for grabs as well as the popular Super Hero Power-Up feature. The return to the player is also pretty high so it is definitely worth a few spins if you are a fan of DC Comics!

Superman: Last Son of Krypton

We couldn’t talk about superheroes without mentioning Superman! There are several slots dedicated in his honour but Last Son of Krypton is a great choice with some fantastic 3D video animations and bonus rounds to enjoy. Superman is heavily involved in this game but players will also interact with other characters such as Lois Lane and Lex Luther. There are plenty of morphing wilds on this game to help you win big with a 200X jackpot up for grabs. A super slot worthy of Superman himself.

If you want to get all dressed up for the day, then grab your capes and play on these ace games.

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Bingo Glossary for Beginners

Whether you are a bingo newbie or bingo pro we try and cater to all levels of players here at Lucky Cow Bingo and our blog is here to educate, enlighten and entertain! For this week’s post, we thought we would look at the language that players use when they play the game and new players will perhaps benefit from this blog post the most but you may learn a new term that you haven’t encountered before. Picking up the lingo doesn’t take too long and there is no need to use Google Translate if you are read our exclusive glossary.

Bingo Game Variants

90 Ball Bingo

– The most popular game by far in the UK with 3 rows of 9 columns each. There are 15 numbers on each card and prizes can be shared.

75 Ball Bingo

– Arguably, the second most popular game played on a 5X5 card and the aim of the game is to complete a pre-announced pattern. The best variant for players that do not want to share the jackpot.

5-Line Bingo

– A fast-paced game offering 5 chances to win. The game is played on a card that is similar to a 75 ball card and is tonnes of fun.

General Terms

1TG & 2TG

– TG stands for “to go” and essentially means the number of squares you have left on your card before you win. For example, 1TG means “one-to-go”. Simple!

Bingo Card

– This is essentially your grid that you are filling in with numbers while playing. The cards have to be completed to win the game.

Bingo Etiquette

– These are the generally accepted rules within a bingo room and offer an unofficial platform for the way in which players interact with each other. You will pick up the etiquette of a bingo room as you play.

Bingo Rooms

– These are the online equivalent of the land-based bingo halls. We have plenty of different bingo rooms to choose from and these are entered through the lobby. Think of them as virtual spaces where players convene.

Chat Terms

Chat Host

– The individual who moderates or monitors a chat room on a bingo site. These individuals are usually employees of the site and they aim to keep things fun and fair so look out for them next time you play.

Chat Game

– Side games that are played during the main bingo game within a chat room. These are light-hearted and fun and can be word or number games in a lot of cases.


– Quite simply roomies are the players that you are playing with in the bingo/chat room. You become a roomie as soon as you enter a bingo room!

Warm Up

– Usually the first bingo game in a session of games. Often referred to as the early bird game when a bingo room opens for the first time that day.

Now that you have all that lingo at hand, get into the lobby and get playing!

Check out the Easter Island Slot

With Easter weekend fast approaching and our Easter Egg-Stravaganza promotion in full swing we thought we would give our roomies an overview of the Easter Island slot. We have big prizes to give away so if you haven’t already read about our new promotion you can do so here. We have big prizes to give away but you have to play the Easter Island slot and not all of our readers will have played slots before so how exactly can you jump in and begin playing Easter Island with ease?

Going Egg Hunting

We won’t go into too much detail on how to play slot machines in general so if you are unfamiliar with them then read our slot guide for beginners for a general overview. For Easter Island you have to spin the reels and complete winning combinations and this game has been developed by Eyecon so there are also some additional bonus features to enjoy as well. The game will certainly suit those with a sweet tooth and there are some interesting bunny rabbit characters to interact with.

Game Design & Setup

This slot has 25 paylines in total so there are plenty of ways to pick up winning combinations. The game will run perfectly well on most devices and on the reels you will find several different looking rabbits and plenty of Easter eggs. The music and sound effects are great although you can turn them off if you wish and the Easter Island background makes for a pleasant and exciting atmosphere.

Bonus Features

Eyecon slots always have some excellent bonus features and the Prize Pick is our favourite. You need to land three or more of the Easter bird symbols on the reels to trigger it and you will be allocated a random prize which can be up to the maximum of a 100X wager for your line bet. There are also free games on offer for players who can land three or more of the scattered bunnies and these games will begin immediately. Finally, we have the wild symbol which replaces all others and can help complete line wins as well.

Betting Strategies

Players can gamble from just a tiny penny per spin but remember if you are looking to take part in our Easter Egg-Stravaganza then you will have to wager at least £10 on Easter Island to receive your ticket for the prize draw. You don’t have to spend the £10 all in one go so wager on the slow however you like. Overall, it’s the perfect game to play at Easter and you can play it right here at Lucky Cow Bingo. Good luck and we hope you win one of our fabulous prizes!

Play in our Easter Egg-Stravaganza Slots Tourney

We absolutely love Easter here at Lucky Cow Bingo and our eggcellent new promotion is live now! As always, we have some absolutely fantastic prizes to give away and players can play our fantastic Easter Island slot to try and claim some free spins. It certainly is shaping up to be a brilliant Easter so why not spend it on Lucky Cow Bingo and you never know, you could win one of our big prizes so what exactly is there to play for?

Baskets of Prizes!

We are pulling out all the stops to offer our roomies prizes that will have you bursting with excitement. We are giving away over 2000 free spins and some exclusive Cadbury’s Easter Hampers. Wow! This promotion will run for the entirety of April and there will be 10 X 50 free spins and 1X Cadbury’s Hamper up for grabs in each promo week so there are plenty of chances to win a prize.

Promotional Period

Easter Egg-Stravaganza is running for the full month of April and split into the following promotional weeks:

  • Week 1: Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th April
  •  Week 2: Monday 10th – Sunday 16th April
  • Week 3: Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd April
  • Week 4: Monday 24th – Sunday 30th April

How to Qualify…

This is a slot promotion so if you are a bingo player perhaps another of our promotions may be more suitable and you can find these in the promotions section above. To qualify for the weekly prize draw you have to play the Easter Island slot machine game that is available on our site and for every £10 wagered on Easter Island will result in a single entry for the prize draw. Winners will then be credited on the Monday morning following the draw week if they are successful and you will also be notified by email so be sure to check that your Lucky Cow Bingo details are up to date.

Spinning the Easter Reels

Easter Island is an interactive 5 reel video slot by Eyecon and it really is a super fun game to play at this time of year. Players can interact with loads of Easter bunny rabbits who are there to help you win big. You have to spin the reels to complete winning combinations and there are wild combinations and free spins on offer as well so it really is the perfect game to play this Easter!

Terms & Conditions

Of course, there are terms and conditions to be aware of and we would recommend reading these on our site before wagering any cash on Easter Island. Remember you can read the rules of the slot game as well if you haven’t played it before. Good luck!

How Bingo Boosts Your Brainpower

Here at Lucky Cow Bingo, we are well aware of the extra benefits our favourite game can have other than just providing a fun and potentially profitable experience. We have previously discussed the health benefits of bingo in a general sense but for this week’s blog, we thought we would look at how playing bingo (online or offline) can have a positive effect on the brain and what you can do to get maximum benefit out of the game.

Brain Training

Research has shown that bingo can have a positive effect on the way in which your brain processes information. Your thinking capacity gradually begins to decline as you get older but playing bingo has been proven to actually counter this. This is due to the stimulation of the cells in the brain that help you process and retain information. Cool huh? Playing more complex bingo games such as 75 ball with more difficult patterns can actually help improve this part of the brain so maybe consider trying some harder bingo games next time you play on Lucky Cow.

Reaction Times

This is another area where bingo is effective and this is due to a combination of factors. Playing bingo requires you to memorise numbers and patterns under time constraints which can help boost your reaction times and your concentration in general. We found that for reaction times and memory stimulation, other games such as Sudoku also had a beneficial impact, just like online bingo!

In More Detail…

Upon further reading of our sources, we also discovered that the mental stimulation that bingo provides can even play a role in preventing cognitive disorders that could emerge in later life such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s! Greater memory recall is required when playing bingo regularly and this can have a therapeutic impact on the brain in the medium to long term. Playing the game in short bursts regularly is the way forward.

How Often Should You Play?

Of course, overdoing it won’t make you a genius so take everything with a pinch of salt. Try and play for fun every now and then, perhaps a couple times a week to get maximum enjoyment out of the game. Our advice would be to try a memory test to see how your memory is, then, try out the same test in a month or so to see if there has been any improvement through playing bingo.

New to Lucky Cow?

Perhaps you are reading this post and have never played on Lucky Cow Bingo before. We are always looking for new roomies to join us on the site and if you deposit £10 then you will get an exclusive spin on our Wheel of Slots and you could win up to 500 free spins so sign up today!

Playing Bingo Responsibly: Knowing When to Stop

You have probably read the words “gamble responsibly” countless times but what exactly constitutes responsible gambling? Different players will different opinions on this subject so we thought we would look at how you can recognise when it is time to stop playing online bingo here at Lucky Cow. As fun as the game is, it is possible to have too much of a good thing so what exactly should you look out for with regards to your own gambling?

What is Responsible Gambling?

Quite simply, playing responsibly is all about control and having the ability to consciously make a decision on when to stop. Of course, responsible gambling practices will be different for every player but to us, there are certain things that you can do to ensure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of gambling responsibly. These include:

  • Only spending what you can afford to lose.
  • Understanding when bingo is affect other areas of your life.
  • Limiting playing time to make time for other activities.
  • Understanding and accepting losses and not trying to cover them with more bingo.

Some Tips to Keep Bingo Fun

There is little point in playing bingo if you are not having fun so what can you do to keep things fun while playing responsibly? We have managed to gather a few ideas of our own that we feel can help enhance your online bingo experience. These include:

  • Avoiding drinking alcohol while playing – This can affect your judgement and may impair your judgement when it comes to key decisions while playing the game.
  • Don’t play at unreasonable times – What we mean by this is don’t play online bingo when you have other commitments such as family time or social occasions.
  • Keep an eye on your spending – Always stick to your budget and never try to win back losses. When you’re done, you’re done!

Playing Smart

This is also relates to your budget and essentially playing smart to us, is all about choosing the bingo games that best fit your playstyle. Try and choose games that allow you to get more for your money. Those with smaller budgets should choose games with smaller ticket prices and even some of our free bingo options pay out real cash prizes from time to time. Additionally, we always recommend withdrawing any significant winnings so that you can avoid the temptation to buy more bingo tickets. Winnings should always be enjoyed not gambled!

Help & Support

Of course, there are plenty of online resources where you can seek help and assistance should you feel the need and we have listed a few of these below for your benefit:

  • www.gambleaware.co.uk
  • www.gamblock.com
  • www.responsiblegamblingtrust.org.uk

Now that you’re in the know, you can play in our lobby just for fun. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with support if you need any further help!

Lucky Cow Bingo on Smartphone or Tablet

Recently, it has been reported that mobile gaming has finally overtaken traditional desktop gaming. This rings true for the online gambling industry also and more and more players are choosing to play from their phone or tablet. Whether you are one of our existing players or are have just stumbled upon this post accidentally, keep reading for more info on why you should go mobile with Lucky Cow Bingo!

Bingo Games from the Palm of Your Hand

The massive rise in mobile technologies and their ever increasing sophistication has led to the exponential rise in mobile gaming. Playing from your mobile is a convenient and fun way to access Lucky Cow Bingo. Playing while out and about is an excellent way to win jackpots while on the train or bus and with excellent public WiFi services and mobile data now available, you never have to miss another game!

Accessing Lucky Cow Bingo Mobile

Our website runs highly sophisticated software that recognises when our players are joining in from their phone or tablet. This allows Lucky Cow Bingo to optimise itself specifically for your chosen device. For example, our website will operate perfectly on an Apple iPad but also just as well on an Android smartphone. With such cross-platform functionality, there really are plenty of ways to enjoy some mobile games.

If you are unsure about your devices compatibility then simply try logging in using your mobile browser. The best bit is you don’t have to create a new account as your existing Lucky Cow Bingo login details will work with the mobile version of the site. Additionally, you don’t have to download any silly software or apps, you just need a mobile browser to gain access. Easy!

What Can You Play?

This varies on the device that you are accessing the site from but in general, tablet users can enjoy the majority of games and slots on our site. Players using their Smartphones have more limited access but there is still plenty of bingo and slots to enjoy. On your typical smartphone players can access plenty of 90 ball bingo and also some of the most famous slots on the web such as Stampede, Fluffy Favourites, Money Bunny and much more!

Additional Information

Remember to take care when entering personal details into your phone or tablet especially if you are out in public and this can be done by hitting the menu tab and clicking on banking. Players can access jackpot games easily but you won’t be able to redeem all of our promotions from your smartphone so bare this in mind. Additionally, if you are not connected to a WiFi connection, using Lucky Cow Bingo will drain your mobile data so be sure to check your current data plan with your service provider if you are unsure of how much data you are limited to per month.

Get Ready to Shamrock n’ Roll

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and this famous day is celebrated all over the world on 17th March every year so we thought we would celebrate in our way here at Lucky Cow Bingo! We have some big cash prizes to giveaway and also plenty of free spins so there really is plenty of reasons to get involved. Our slot tournament will let you play the brilliant Irish Luck game and hits promotion is running for the entirety of March so there are still plenty chances to get involved and win some real cash prizes!

What Can You Win?

This month at Lucky Cow Bingo we are giving away an incredible £4000 in cash prizes as well as hundreds of free spins! You have to spin the Irish Luck slot to be in with a chance of winning and we will announce the winners on the Wednesday morning after the promotional week ends.

When & Where?

This promotion is running for the entirety of March and is split into the following promotional weeks:

  • Week 1: Wednesday 1st– Tuesday 7th March
  • Week 1: Wednesday 8th– Tuesday 14th March
  • Week 1: Wednesday 15th– Tuesday 21st March
  • Week 1: Wednesday 22nd– Tuesday 28th March

The Luck of the Irish

To qualify for a prize you have to play the Irish Luck five reel slot and the top 100 players who wager the most on Irish Luck will receive 10 free spins each week. For every £10 wagered on Irish Luck, a single entry will be granted for the Irish Luck draw each week. Winners will be contacted by email so be sure to check that your Lucky Cow Bingo account details are up to date on the site. If you win and we cannot contact you then you will lose your prize so don’t risk it!

New to Irish Luck?

Both new and existing players can enjoy Irish Luck as it is super simple to pick up and play. The game offers players 25 paylines and the chance to spin the reels and uncover some big jackpots. The lucky leprechaun is on hand to guide you on your way to eternal fortune and he can help trigger the Prize Pick bonus game which can offer you a maximum prize of a 100X multiplier. You can also win free spins and wild combinations so it really is a fantastic slot to play on or around St. Patrick’s Day!

Terms & Conditions

Of course, there are terms and conditions associated with Shamrock n’ Roll so be sure to read these on our site as they explain exactly how the promotion works and remember that this will end on 31st March so don’t wait around if you want to play!