Scorching Slots for the Summer

We’re more than ready for the summer to arrive! In fact, we’re already checking out which slots we’ll be playing when it does. If you want to get in the mood for the season then you can start spinning on these slots right now!

99 Time

Is there anything better than a cold treat on a hot day? We think not. If you want to get into the mood for some chilly ice creams, then this is the game for you. In 99 Time, you find yourself on a beach with a nice ice cream van right in front of you.

Across the reels, you’ll see some of the most popular frozen treats for you to match up. The symbol values in this game are quite high, so you can enjoy getting to grips with these and watching them act on your wager.

There are also some frozen free spins to watch out for in this game, which makes it an even better treat for players. Watch out for wilds and interesting features as you play on this sweet slot.

Fluffy Too

Continuing on our day at the beach, we’re off to the boardwalk with this game. This will allow you to check out the fluffies from the original game in a brand new setting. They’ll be taking you down to the beach, think strolling along the promenade in the sunshine.

You’ll also find some great bonus features for you to enjoy in this game too. If you’re a fan of free spins then prepare to be happy. Get combining wilds and scatters to experience everything that this game has to offer. It’s a great one to play on your mobile too, so you could actually take it all the way to the beach with you!

If you like this game, then check out the others in the fluffy series. We’ve got loads of them here, so don’t miss your chance to give them a few spins.

Unicorn Bliss

Frolick off to a sunny field in this game, where you can magic up some nice jackpots. You’ll join a host of mythical creatures and get matching up some rainbows. This is a nice, simple slot game which is perfect for beginners.

Open up the paytable of this game if you want to see all of the bonus features it can bring you. There are loads of bright and colourful symbols with their own values on the reels, so check them out. Then, you know what to expect!

There’s a lot of fun to be had in our lobby this weather, so check out our summer slots for a great time. You might just bag yourself a jackpot!