Some Top Bingo Tips to Take Your Play to the Next Level

We’ve focused a lot on our range of online slot machines recently so we thought we would take a look at how our bingo players can take their play to the next level. We had a bit of brainstorming session and have come up with some top bingo tips for the month so if you’re looking to up your bingo game then give this week’s blog post a good read!

Consider Your Play Times

Did you know that you can play on Lucky Cow Bingo 24 hours a day? We are not suggesting for a moment that you stay up until 3am to play bingo but there are some advantages to playing at non-peak times.

Playing early in the morning or late at night can really offer you the chance to win some prizes. This is because there are fewer people playing at these times and with fewer players that means a greater chance for you to win!

Buy Multiple Cards

A lot of our players do not realise that they can buy multiple cards and this is one of the best ways to take your bingo game to the next level. Of course, we would only recommend this once you are used to the games that we have available on Lucky Cow Bingo.

A good strategy is to start out by buying multiple cards for some of our cheaper games. For example, you could select a 10p game and spend a total of £1. This isn’t too much of an outlay for most people and this would give you 10 cards to play with.

Play Chat Games

Occasionally, our chatroom hosts will offer our roomies the chance to compete for some additional goodies. A lot of players prefer not to interact in the chatroom and this is completely acceptable however you could be missing out on the chance to win more prizes.

These can occur in any game so be sure to keep an eye on the chat box if you’re playing bingo on our site. Our chat hosts will offer a variety of chat games throughout the week so keep your eyes peeled as you play and you may be able to play for some additional prizes.

Follow us on Social Media!

Ok, this doesn’t necessarily relate to our bingo games but we have both a Facebook page and Twitter account where we offer some of the latest memes and giggles. Give us a like or follow and you may even be able to claim a small bonus very occasionally. Other than that, it simply is a case of thinking of new ways to refresh your bingo experience. Good luck!