The Ultimate Bingo Chat Room Guide

The bingo chat room is an integral part to most bingo sites and one of the primary reasons that players regularly tune in to enjoy the game. Both traditional and online bingo have always contained a social element and players enjoy the game because they get to interact with others as well as play for big cash prizes. We have a thriving online community here at Lucky Cow so we thought we would go into a little detail as to how you can successfully enjoy the social element of online bingo.

Learning the Lingo

Over the years “text speak” has become more and more popular and this has transcended into the online bingo industry. Players have sort of invented their own language when it comes to talking about the game so here are some of the main abbreviations that you might encounter:

  • GL = Good Luck
  • WTG = Way to Go
  • BRB = Be Right Back
  • TY = Thank You
  • LOL = Laugh Out Loud
  • 1TG, 2Tg, 3TG = The amount of numbers you are waiting on to win.

The Chat Host

Quite simply, the chat host hosts the chatroom and this individual is mainly responsible for moderating the chat room to ensure everything is running smoothly and that every player is settled in and happy on that particular chat room. The host is there to help so don’t be shy to ask for it should you need it!

Top Chatroom Tips

The bingo chatroom is supposed to be a friendly environment where you can casually interact with others. As such, it is not advised to talk about sensitive subjects such as politics or religion. The bingo chatroom is a place where we want all our members to have fun so keep the chat topics light-hearted to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Mostly, common sense is the key and a lot of beginner bingo players seem to enjoy typing all in capital letters. Try to avoid this as it can be seen as disruptive by other members in the room so use other tools such as smillies to effectively engage with others.

Chat Games

Some of our chatrooms will play chat games from time to time and this is usually started by the chat host. The games can vary in content with some examples being a general quiz or number game. Sometimes participants will be rewarded with bonus cash or loyalty points so be sure to pay attention when you enter the chat lobby if you want to play some chat games. Chat games are one of our favourite parts of the online bingo community and they are a great way of getting to know your fellow roomies!

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