Tips & Tricks to Play Like a Bingo Pro

The online bingo community is more active than ever and whether you are a newbie player or old hat sometimes reading tips from other players can help you pick up some new ways to play. We firmly believe in sharing your tips and tricks here at Lucky Cow Bingo. We came up with a few of our own on how to play online bingo like a pro so feel free to leave a comment on Facebook with some of your own!

Join the Community

We have a thriving community here at Lucky Cow with thousands of players all over the world. Players are not only able to join our chat rooms but we actively encourage you to join in with all our roomies! You can pick up hints and tips from some of our more experienced players and our fantastic chat hosts are always on hand to make sure everything is running smoothly so get involved!

Optimise Your Play Time

Some players will play at the same time every day but there is actually a lot of sense in tailoring your gameplay based on some of our in site events. A lot of our promotional offers and jackpot games play out at certain times so check out our bingo schedule to discover the best offers. Then you can base your gameplay around when these games are playing out.

Of course, this won’t suit everyone but for those players that are a little bit more flexible in when they can play the game then this can be an effective method to ensure that you are playing for the biggest jackpots.

Spread Your Bingo Sessions

Try not to blow all your bingo budget on just a couple of games. While you can win big, the main thing we try to promote on Lucky Cow is the ability for the player to have fun playing with others. Try and spend less on tickets but more on games. Your potential wins may be smaller but they will be more frequent. Little wins can really add up so bare this in mind.

Keep An Eye On Your Email

Not all of our bingo offers are exclusively available under the promotions section of our site. Occasionally, we may distribute exclusive offers by email so it’s really important that players ensure that their contact details are up to date on Lucky Cow Bingo. You may receive a promo or bonus code from time to time but we also give out information on when our latest promotions are being released or if our promotions are being updated or altered in any way at all so make sure you are checking your emails from us!