Understanding our bonuses – Part 2

We’re back with another installment in our informative bonus series, so buckle up and get ready to learn. If you’ve not read the first part of this blog, then make sure you go back and catch up before you tackle this one!

Bonuses Vs Cash

When you make a deposit here with us, you will have cash in your account and some free spins too. When you use these spins, you’ll get more funds added into your account, but these will be subject to wagering requirements. You can easily see on the site in your account, what part of your balance is real cash and which are bonus funds.

This is important to know, as you want to know how much would have to be wagered before you can get your hands on real cash. Remember that your real cash balance will be used up first and then your bonus funds will be used thereafter.

Can you win Real Money?

We want our players to be able to win real money when they play with our bonus offers, so we do make this possible. As long as you are able to satisfy all of the requirements that exist when you use bonus funds, you’ll be able to turn that into cash. The full terms can be read in our bonus policy and this will give you all the steps that you need to take.

You can top up your account with additional bonus funds if you claim our reload bonuses too. This will give you more bonuses but you will also need to wager through these if you want to be able to withdraw. If you request a withdrawal with uncleared bonuses in your account, they’ll be lost forever!

Withdrawal Limits

We do have limits on what you can withdraw with us during set periods of time. This helps to protect us and make sure that we can pay out all jackpots in a timely fashion. There are daily, weekly and also monthly limits on what you are able to withdraw.

If you’re a big jackpot winner then you may also need to submit your ID before we’re able to pay out. This is important for us legally, as we’re not able to give out large sums of money without verification to back that up. It helps us to prevent against money laundering and it’s part of our legal obligation to be able to provide our games.

That’s all for this blog, we’ve been having a great time walking you through all the terms that you need to know about. We’ll be back soon with the final part of this series, in order to get you on the know!