Using the Lucky Cow Bingo Lobby Effectively

We get a lot of questions from our roomies (old and new) on the best way to find the best bingo games on our site. We are, of course, part of a larger bingo network and this allows us to provide online bingo games 24 hours a day. We always want our customers to get the best value out of our site. If you’re happy then we’re happy so how exactly can you find the best games?

How to Access the Lobby

New players may find the lobby slightly confusing at first but it becomes easier the more you use it. You have to be logged in before you can access it so log in using your account details and then you can hit the “Play Now” button to get started.

The lobby will then load in a separate window and it is from here that you can begin to find some of the better games. The key to using the lobby effectively is to find the best games so consider how much you have to spend and find games that fit with this budget.

The Bingo Schedule

To play the standard games on the site, you can use the bingo schedule to find suitable games. There are games launching every couple of minutes and you will be able to view the ticket price as well as the jackpot. Remember that the higher the player count, the higher the jackpot in most cases. We also allow players to pre-buy tickets for certain games and keep an eye out for the free games as well.


The jackpots tab in the lobby is where the best games are. Of course, these only play out at certain times so be sure to check out our promotional offers section for more info on these games. You can win big playing in the All or Nothing, Balance Booster or Fortune Fountain games so if you’ve not tried these out yet, then you can purchase tickets to try and play for some of the biggest prizes that we have to offer.

Spread Your Sessions

You can also keep a track of your progress by clicking the “Game History” button under the account section in the lobby. This will detail all the games that you have played and help you stay within your budget so we would recommend using it. Another tip is to spread your game sessions.

Sometimes you can find some pretty lucrative games by playing earlier in the morning or later at night. Playing at non-peak times might just be the key to finding some great games with excellent prizes.

Our Famous Prize Wheel

We also like to reward our players for continued use of Lucky Cow Bingo. In the lobby, you can click the “Spin the Wheel” tan top access the prize wheel. You have to complete certain tasks to be able to spin it such as wagering on certain slots and bingo games. You never know, you may already have qualified for a spin so click the tab in the lobby to find out.