What Could the Future of Online Bingo Hold?

We love learning about the latest advancements in the world of tech and this is something that will continue to change as the years go on. Online bingo is an industry where this tech can have a huge effect, so we’re looking forward to how this could affect us in the future.

More Mobile

We’re a fully-fledged mobile bingo site, with loads of optimised games for our users. All the best bingo sites made this switch not long ago and it means our players can get online wherever they are. The next step for this industry could be going even more mobile, perhaps with smartwatches or something similar.

We like to keep on the cutting edge of tech like this, so don’t be too surprised if you see it here first!

Faster Technology

We pride ourselves on how quickly our players can get online but with new advancements this time could be reduced even further. We use Jumpman Gaming tech and this is a team that’s always looking to find new ways to improve their technology. As these get more advanced, it will be easier and quicker for our players to get online.

We want to reduce the time it takes to be able to play our games, so you can fit more of them into your time. That way, you won’t need to be in a rush when you play.

Bigger Jackpots

We already have some brilliant jackpot games here at Lucky Cow Bingo and we’re sure that the rest of the bingo world will be catching on soon enough. Games here are already full to the brim with loads of funds, so if you play with us you’ll be getting a world class experience.

Our jackpot games are regular too, which can be much better than waiting on a special one to come up. That way, you know when you want to take part and which tickets you want to buy.

Innovative Bonuses

Gone are the days of sites simply offering a percentage boost on your deposit, as players want something more exciting. Take our spin the wheel bonus as an example, this is much more interesting than a percentage deposit as you get to play a game to determine how much you’ll win.

Then, you get to use your free spins or tickets to attempt to win more funds to play with. These can help you on your bingo journey to snap up some more cash. You can read all about our bonus policy with regards to these funds in our T&Cs section.

These are what we think will affect the bingo industry in the coming years and we can’t wait to make things even better for our lucky players!